If you are a teenager then it can be hard to find a job while on school’s out for summer or when you graduate. Luckily teens can make money online by answering surveys. In this article we show you the 11 best surveys for teens.


When it comes to making money online there is no question that surveys are the choice for many. With surveys that pay you, they offer teenagers that chance to make money fast without much work.


Most survey panels in our list offer 1-3 surveys per week and most surveys are worth between $1-$50 for 5-30 minutes work. We have also selected the best paying free surveys that you can sign up to.

11 Best Surveys For Teens 2016


11) UniqPaid


UniqPaid is a site that you can actually make money very quickly and even allows you to cash out quickly via PayPal. One of the reasons why they are at 13th spot on this list is simply because there are a limited number of surveys per week.



On the upside, UniqPaid is probably the best Get Paid To Websites (GPT websites) that you can find online right now. You can get paid to do a lot of easy tasks including visiting websites for online shopping and referring friends to join the website.


UniqPaid is a free site that will help you earn money as a teen, why not check it out for yourself and sign up for free.



10) Toluna


Toluna is a great legitimate survey panel that you can sign up to for free. Toluna have over 9 million members worldwide who are making money in their spare time answering paid surveys. As a leading survey site, Toluna also offer product testing opportunities so you can get free stuff to try out and give your opinion on.

Toluna paid surveys


For every survey you answer you will attain points which can be used in exchange for rewards including vouchers or PayPal cash, exchange them for sweepstakes or gifties which you send to a friend and they could potentially will the prize drawn.


9) UniqueRewards
UniqueRewards is a free GPT website that pays their customers for fun stuff. The site is run by the same owners as UniqPaid as mentioned above.

They allow teenagers to sign up for free and pay their users that bit more than UniqPaid. The referral network is outstanding and there are massive rewards for signing up your friends to this website.
Uniquerewards surveys

People who reach the cashout threshold can get paid via PayPal or by check and payment is fast.



8) Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the most searched survey panels on search engines in the US. It is also one of the most talked about websites by the top personal finance blogs in the world. This site is free to sign up to and allows you to cash out via PayPal once you have accumulated enough points that are the equivalent of $10.


One of the best features of this survey panel is the rate at which they pay their users and deliver their rewards including money. If you are a teenager, then Opinion Outpost is definitely worth a try.


Click here to sign up now!


7) Pinecone Research

A popular paid survey panel, Pinecone Research is a decent survey site for teenagers to sign up to for free. You get paid to answer surveys with this website and to test products. The rewards on offer from this website are quite good. You can choose from cash via check or PayPal or you can get a whole range of gift cards for popular online retailers and even movie vouchers.

Pinecone research surveys


This site is teenager friendly and free to join. When you do and answer a few surveys you will be racking up the rewards and earning cash from your home.


6) YouGov

YouGov are a top international market research firm that offer teenagers in the US, Canada and the UK the chance to earn money online from their opinions.


YouGov have over 4 million sign ups all giving their opinion and all getting rewarded for their thoughts. The minimum threshold to cash out your earnings is $25 via check. They also offer a host of other rewards in exchange for surveys including PayPal cash and prepaid gift vouchers.


5) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT sites and often talked about online. With this site you sign up to for free and you get rewarded for a range of fun stuff including playing games and watching videos. This website also pays their users well for answering surveys.



Online you will find a large range of articles including experiences that people have had with this website and showing off how much they make online with Swagbucks.


Click here to sign up for Swagbucks



ACOP is a great paying survey panel for teenagers worldwide. ACOP offer high paying surveys and on time payments. As one of the oldest surveys in the world, you can be guaranteed that they are the most reliable of all survey panels available online today.
Surveys are normally regular on this site. This means that you get more chances to make more money so that you can buy more of what you love. With ACOP, you can exchange your points for cash by check or by PayPal and you will get paid very quickly.

ACOP surveys

Sign up here to American Consumer Opinion® (ACOP)


3) QuickRewards

QuickRewards is yet another GPT website however the difference with this site is the amount of money that you can potentially earn from this website!


QuickRewards pay substantially more than Swagbucks and UniqueRewards, however it is only limited to US, Canada and UK teenagers. If you are a teenager from the countries mentioned this site offers great ways to earn money online by playing games, answering surveys and shopping online at your favorite online stores.

Click here to sign up to QuickRewards



2) PanelPlace

If you are serious about making money online as a teenager, then you have to check out PanelPlace.


PanelPlace offers one of the best way to make money online with online surveys because they give you surveys from other survey panels including Toluna and GlobalTestMarket (as mentioned above). The site offers both rewards and cash payments by check and by PayPal. Joining this paid survey panel is a must!

Click here to PanelPlace.com




1) Global Test Market

Global Test Market are one of the most popular survey panels in the world. One of the reasons why they are one of the best survey panels for teenagers is the fact they will pay you on time and are 100% reliable. Click here to read our full review.

Global Test Market

The registration is quick but you must answer a few questions to start with. This is important as it will help you to qualify for surveys in the future. This site is popular among teenagers in the US and Canada as they pay well for panelists in those countries.

We highly recommend that you join this paid survey site.


Click here to sign up for free at GlobalTestMarket



If you are a teenager, it is time that you started earning some money online with paid surveys. Why not start by signing up to the best surveys as listed in this post above! Life is short, but you can be rewarded by using your spare time wisely by answering surveys.