If those who are thinking about trying to make money at home on their computers, on-line survey companies like Global Test Market are a viable option.

It is wise to research any online market survey company, how they work, and what kind of rewards they offer. Some of these companies make unrealistic promises about how much money can be make by taking online surveys. Some offer rewards in the form of  merchandise. The choice of merchandise offered may be quite limited, and the quality can sometimes be downright tacky. Others may offer sweepstakes entries.


Global Test Market


Some companies  promise that people who enroll with them can earn enough to become independently wealthy. Such claims need to be treated with caution, particularly if the website asks for a sign-up fee.


Should you sign up for Global Test Market?

This post is a 100% honest review to show you whether or not you should sign up to Global Test Market.

Are They A Legitimate Survey Panel?

Global Test Market is a legitimate market research company which does not make unrealistic promises and is free to join. They also promise never to sell the e-mails of people who sign up with them, and offer a no spam guarantee.

To join, all that is required is to complete an online form with basic personal details, and surveys can be completed on a computer or via a smart phone using the Global Test Market mobile app.

After joining, Global Test Market will e-mail survey invitations on a regular basis.  For each survey, market researchers will be looking for participants who fit a particular demographic profile. Therefore, each survey begins with screening questions to determine eligibility.  If the survey is about beer, for example, and the invitee does not drink beer, he or she will be screened out.

There is an area on the website where it is possible to complete personal profiles.  These are quite time consuming, but a member who takes the time to complete them will assist the company to target suitable surveys to them and increase their chances of qualifying for surveys.

Earning Money With GlobalTestMarket

Those who qualify and complete a survey, will receive sweepstakes entries in addition to market points.  20 market points are worth one US dollar.  Surveys typically pay between 20 and 60 market points, and take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. They also pay 20 market points for referring other people to the website.

Those who fail to qualify for a survey, always receive a sweepstakes entry as compensation for their time.


Getting Paid And Receiving Rewards

The members’ area of the Global Test Market website clearly displays the member’s point balance in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or for cash payments via PayPal.

Another point to be aware of is that market points expire after three years, or 12 months of no account activity.  However, survey invitations are fairly frequent, so this should not be an issue.

Legitimate companies like Global Test Market do offer the potential to make some spare time supplementary income, and could be a viable spare time activity for people who spend a lot of time at home.



Global Test Market will pay you on time and are 100% reliable. We highly recommend that you join this paid survey site.


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