About The Joe Economy

The Joe Economy is an economic and finance blog that was established in June 2013. Over time the site has grown from strength to strength, offering commentary on economic issues in Ireland and in the world, and advice on personal finance.

The Joe Economy

The Economy

One of the founding principles on which The Joe Economy was established on was that of the Irish Economy. In 2013, Ireland was in the midst of austerity, mass unemployment and suffering from a high rate of emigration. The blog was written in an impartial manner with no bias towards any political party in Ireland. The blog also focuses on economic issues worldwide.

Personal Finance

The main area in which The Joe Economy focuses on is personal finance. The blog has many articles on helping people to make money and to save it. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest articles with tips on saving money and generating an income.

The Main Purpose Is To Help You!

The mission of The Joe Economy is to become known as one of the best resources online to help individuals and businesses in regards to their money. For individuals we aim to create free content to inform of ways that income can be increased by savings, earnings and money management. For businesses, we are open for advertising opportunities, simply contact us for more details.