Do you love watching videos and TV? In this post we show you the 30 best ways to  get paid to watch videos and TV in your spare time.

Get Paid to watch videos

The companies that are listed in this post will actually pay you for watching their videos and spending time watching your favorite TV shows.

This post has been divided into:

Websites that pay you to watch TV

Apps that pay you to watch TV

Apps That Pay you to watch videos

Websites that pay you to watch videos

Get Paid To Watch Videos And TV

Websites that pay you to watch TV

One of the best things that we found out this year is the fact that there are actually companies who really pay people like you to watch TV. This is one of the best ways to monetize your TV viewing.

Have you ever felt guilty for watching too much TV in your spare time? There is no need to worry as you should sign up to the following companies that pay you to watch television.

30) Nielsen Digital Voice

Easily one of the best paying survey panels, Nielsen Digital Voice often have surveys on TV shows and viewing habits. This makes Digital Voice one of the most interesting survey panels for people to join up to for free.

Surveys from this company are regular, making them one of the best paying survey panels in the world.

You can do surveys with Digital Voice on your desktop computer or you can download and install the app.

29)Nielsen Families TV Ratings

Nielsen Families have been rating peoples opinions on TV since the 1950’s and they still do it. The best thing about now is that they pay you to watch TV.

To join Nielsen Families, you have to join through their Digital Voice platform, which was mentioned above. Once you are a part of the research group, you can get in contact with the company to become part of the TV Ratings at Nielsen Families. Usually people are chosen at random, but if you get in touch with the company, you may succeed in getting picked to rate your favorite TV shows.

From here you may get asked your opinions on TV shows and you get to rate them. You will get paid for your TV ratings.

28) The Viewers

The viewers is a cool research panel to join for free if you are over 16 and a resident of the United Kingdom. This company will pay you £40 – £70 for a group discussion on your TV watching habits, your opinions on the latest shows and for giving your thoughts on new TV series ideas.

If invited to the focus group, the research will only last 1 and a half to two hours in duration. You may also get free refreshments if you are invited to join a TV opinion focus group.

The Viewers also provide surveys that pay you £5 for completing them.

It is 100% free to join this company via their website. The website has a nice user friendly interface.

If you are from the UK, why not check out the best UK survey Panels that pay you cash.

27) Get A Job With Netflix As A Netflix Tagger

Netflix sometimes advertise jobs including “Netflix tagger” positions which means you get hired by the company to watch TV shows and to categorize them into tags in which people would associate with to find that exact show.

This type of job is rare to find, but you should keep a watch out for jobs on offer from the Netflix jobs board website.

26) Become A TV Critic Personality

This method of getting paid to watch TV is more of a slow burner in order for it to pay off. If you love watching TV and have excellent writing skills or presentation skills you may be able to become a TV critic. You can raise your profile by having a blog, YouTube channel or become outspoken or entertaining on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

As you raise your profile and become well known, you may receive invitations to write for newspapers or magazines on the latest TV shows and more.

25) Get Paid To Watch Movies As A Mystery Shopper At VeriTes

One of VeriTes’ specialities is providing mystery shopping services for theaters across the US. All you have to do is join or apply for a position when one becomes available in your local area.

Not only will you get to watch a new movie for free, but you will also get paid for it. As a mystery shopper, it is important that you pay attention to the whole experience you have from when you walk in the door of the movie theater to the customer service, cleanliness of the building and more.

Apps That Pay You To Watch TV

24) Viggle App

The Viggle app is a rewards app that pays you to watch TV in your spare time. You can watch TV on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix through this app, and it will reward you based on minutes spent watching your favorite shows.

Points that you earn with Viggle can be used to earn cash, gift cards or debt cards.

Apps That Pay you to watch videos

There are a wide range of free apps that you can download that will give you cash and other rewards for watching ads and videos.

23) Tapporo

Tapporo is an app that is one of the oldest available on the Play Store. Tapporo have a desktop website also that can be connected with the app. They are a reputable brand and pay their users when they reach the payment threshold.

With this apps you earn Oro coins which can be traded for rewards.

Rewards include Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Facebook Credits and Mobile accessories.

22) Make Money – Free Cash App

With over 350,000 ratings, Make Money – Free Cash app is one of the most popular make money apps on the Play Store.  The app offers a wide range of ways to earn money including paying you to watch videos. The way it works is that you get a percentage of the reward for they get for video views.

This app is a prime example of getting paid PayPal cash by watching videos.

21) AppKarma

AppKarma is a popular earn money app that will also pay you to watch videos.

This app offers one of the best and most beautiful interfaces of any make money apps that you can download.

There are lots of other ways to earn money using this app including playing games, downloading other apps and answering surveys.

Check out our AppKarma review

20) Appnana

Appnana is one of the most installed earn cash app in the world. The majority of the reviews for this app are positive meaning it has a 4.5 rating from over half a million reviews.

You will get paid to watch videos each day, get rewarded for logging in and completing offers. One of the best ways to get paid to use this app is to download other apps on offer by Appnana.

19) Daily Cash – Earn Money App

Daily Cash – Earn Money App is one of the most popular apps of 2023. This app pays you money to watch videos and more. You can get Paytm cash, mobile recharge and more if you reach the threshold.

You can earn by logging in on a daily basis, installing apps and the best way is to refer friends to also download the app and they can earn also.

18) Easy Money – Play And Earn

Easy Money – Play And Earn is a relatively new app that offers cash rewards for activities like watching videos.

This app works similar to other apps that offer payments as you get rewarded for downloading apps, and answering questionnaires. You will also receive bonuses for referring your friends.

17) Make Money – Earn For Free

Make Money – Earn For Free is a free to use app that offers you the chance to earn money for watching videos. It is a popular app with mostly positive reviews.

The app is easy to use and has a good interface. There are also a number of rewards options to choose from when cashing out your accumulated points.

16) Make Money App

Make Money App by NelsonBolson, is an app that will pay you to watch videos.

You will also earn cash by downloading apps and playing games.

When you reach the payment threshold, you can choose your reward from PayPal money, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards or Qiwi money.

15) Offercash – Make Money

Offercash, is one of the newest apps that pays you to watch videos on the app store. Ratings a relatively good and they are known to have paid its users when they reach the cashout threshold.

You can also earn credits on this app by answering surveys and downloading apps. Users can also gain each day by checking in to the app daily.

14) Moocash – Earn Cash, Make Money

What makes Moocash unique is the fact that they offer so many reward options including free Bitcoin payments.

With this app you get paid for playing videos, trying free games and apps. They also have a good referral program that offers payments to users who refer their friends to join the app platform also.

Overall a good app to try if you have spare time.

13) Tap Cash Rewards

This is a veteran app, it has been a reliable source of income for many users worldwide. Tap Cash Rewards app will pay you to look at videos, download apps and try Android games.

The rewards include PayPal cash and gift cards from popular online retailers.

With over 100,000 reviews, the app has a really respectable 4.3 score on the Google Play Store.

12) CashKarma

CashKarma is one of the most popular earn money apps that actually pay you to watch ads and videos. There are other ways to earn money with this app including playing games, downloading apps and completing offers.

CashKarma offer a variety of options to cash out rewards including PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more.

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11) GiftPanda

GiftPanda offers a beautiful interface, which pays users to watch video ads, play games and more. You will also get 10% of your referrals earnings if you get your friends to join and participate in earning cash for themselves.

When you reach the payment threshold, which is relatively low when compared to other apps, you can receive PayPal cash, a Visa debit card and Amazon gift cards.

10) CashPirate

CashPirate is a fun app which is also really easy to use and easy to earn cash. The main way to earn money is through referring friends and watching videos. You get to watch a certain number of videos each day, but they pay well.

With CashPirate you will find that you will earn enough coins to reach their very low cashout threshold.

If you want to earn some free cash for doing virtually nothing, CashPirate is your best choice for earning money from your Smartphone.

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9) StormPlay

StormPlay is the best paying smartphone app of 2023 and you can earn cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The interface looks great and the app itself is easy to use. Every 30 minutes you can earn Bolts by watching a video or clicking on an advert.

You can also earn Crypto from this app by installing and playing games while you also get rewarded for referring your friends to also use the app.

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Websites that pay you to watch videos

There are a wide range of websites that pay you to do fun stuff including watch videos. They usually are the best paying methods for earning free money fast.

8) You Cubez

You Cubez is a get paid to website that pays people for watching adverts and videos, view websites and answer surveys. The site has been around for quite a while and have over 200,000 active users so it offers assurances that the website is a legitimate one.

PayPal is the payment method used on this website. You can earn 15% of your referrals earnings from the website if you refer people to join and participate also.

7) Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is a website that looks and feels like PrizeRebel, however they pay users to watch videos. You get a free $5 for signing up, so this is a great boost for anyone looking to get free money online.

There are also surveys, daily polls, and offers to try out which are rewarded and will work towards getting your extra cash from this website.

6) SuccessBux

SuccessBux has been around for a long time now. They pay people to join the website, and watch ads, video ads, click on ads, click on websites, signing up to websites and taking advantage of offers.

This website will not pay you much unless you put a lot of time and effort in to it. If you have a lot of free time, then this could be the perfect site for you to join.

5) Paid2YouTube

As the name of this website would suggest, you get paid to watch YouTube Videos. It is one of the only sites that will pay you to watch videos from the YouTube platform.

You will need to watch a lot of videos as each view is worth only a small amount, not even a cent! As a result you will need to work hard n order to be able to earn money from this website. If you have nothing else to do, it is therefore an option to make some extra cash.

4) Perk

Perk will pay you to watch TV and videos. It is a popular website with a lot of users. There are opportunities to earn money each day from this website.

Rewards from this website include PayPal cash and gift cards from retailers including Amazon and Target.

3) Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a leading get paid to website and one of the ways that people can earn cash from this site is through playing videos and watching them through.

Inbox Dollars has a huge user base with a lot of happy users earning cash on a regular basis. There are surveys and more activities that you can do daily to earn extra cash.

2) QuickRewards

QuickRewards is one of the best paying websites in the world. The reason being is the fact that it is only open to users from the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

You can earn a lot of cash from watching videos, referring friends, shopping online and answering surveys. The website is well known for paying its users on time and its reputation is excellent.

QuickRewards is a must if you want to earn money online fast.

1) Swagbucks

Swagbbucks is the number one get paid to website that will make you lots of money. Once you get established on the site, it can be a regular income generator for anyone wanting to make money online.

Swagbucks pay you to watch videos, answer surveys, play games and much more.

One of the most impressive features of Swagbucks is the fact that it is they offer an extensive range of rewards for their users. PayPal is the best option for getting cash from this website.