appKarma is a beautifully designed app that will pay you money with PayPal or give you gift cards as a reward. Of all the top 20 money making apps in our 2017 run down, appKarma has to have one of the best designed interfaces. The clean design makes it easy for users to use but more importantly makes it easy to earn money.

Appkarma app

With over 1 million downloads and 166,000+ 5 star reviews, it is one of the most popular and highly regarded app that pays its users.


How To Get Started With appKarma?


Getting started is easy as long as you use this link to download from the Play Store because if you type appKarma into Google, you might get confused by “Credit Karma”, the app that gives you your credit score.

That link also contains a referral code for you to get started with free 300 coins.


It is relatively easy to get signed up with appKarma, you will need a valid email address that you must also verify our account. Use an email that is connected with your PayPal or Amazon account so that you can easily get your rewards when you accumulate enough points to cash in your rewards.


What Tasks Do I Do To Get Rewards?


You get paid by appKarma to download promoted apps from the Google Play Store, sign up for offers and watch videos.


With some of the games that you download from the Play Store you will also get rewarded for playing them.


You will also get points for checking in to the app each day.


There is a limit to the videos you can watch per day however, there are videos available from multiple app advertisers.


appKarma also has a referral rewards system which is always good to see in an app that pays you. When your referral signs up using your link or referral code, they will receive 300 points but you will receive 30% of their coins earned on app downloads.


There are also bonuses that you will receive for active use of the app. There are achievements that you can work on reaching which will give you rewards such as watching 50 videos will unlock a badge or inviting friends to use the app.


How Does appKarma Pay You?


You will get a large choice of rewards when you accumulate points with appKarma. When you reach the cash out thresholds for your favorite reward, you can choose from the following Gift Card – Available in $1, $3 or $5


PayPal Cash – $3, $5, $10


Google Play Gift Voucher – $10


iTunes Voucher – $5, $10


Xbox Live Gift Card – $5, $10


Playstation Gift Card – $10


Starbucks Gift Voucher – $5


Facebook Voucher – $10


Steam Voucher – $20


How Do I Get The Gift Cards?


You can redeem your points for gift cards inside the app and your gift code will be loaded directly inside appKarma.


Special Rewards For YouTube Influencers


If you are an influencer on YouTube with a large following, you can earn 40% of referrals earnings. As an appKarma VIP, you will have a great opportunity to earn lots of rewards.


Should I Download appKarma?


This app is listed as one of the best apps that pay you, so yes you should download it, as it is free and you can quickly earn rewards from it.


Click here to download appKarma from the Play Store


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