Carl Lentz serves as a senior pastor of Hillsong church in New York City. This man has created a worldwide impact by his servings and has counseled many celebrities and other common people.

Carl Lentz Net Worth

Carl Lentz just has published a book last year and has gained very acclamation from all sides.

Carl Lentz is known for holding conservative views on abortion and has evolved as a young pastor. He, along with his college mate Joel Houston started the Hillsong Church, in New York. Carl Lentz Net worth is around 2.5 Million USD and can grow more because last year, he published his book.

Born in a middle-class family in Virginia, Carl Lentz was just like any other student and was a sideline basketball player of his college team.

Carl Lentz Career

Carl Lentz studied at the King’s College and Seminary, Van Nuys and was working in a Gucci showroom an a part-time basis.

After that, he flew to Australia for higher studies at Hillsong International Leadership College. While studying at Hillsong, Carl thought to a campus of Hillsong Church at New York.

After graduation, he flew back to Virginia and gained the permission for starting the church and later became a youth pastor. With its first campus at New York, this church became so popular that two other branches of the same were opened in the United States of America.


Carl Lentz is known for counseling his clients which includes famous personalities and business personalities. Some of his clients include Justin Bieber.

What does a pastor do?

One of the most basic duties of a pastor is to give sermons. Being the leader of the church a pastor has to take care of weekly preaching, church service and providing spiritual leadership to church members. A pastor also provides counseling to church members and guide them in crisis scenarios.

Carl Lentz being a young and detected pastor serves the church members with complete enthusiasm and is actively working with a conservative approach towards abortion. Pastors also do baptism and Carl has baptized celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Personal Life Of Carl Lentz

Carl is married to his Hillsong college friend and is a proud father of three children, which includes one girl and two boys.

There was a time when this popular pastor got stuck in a controversy in which he tweeted about abortion and wrote, abortion is a sinful act. He faced critical and negative replies on that and was in news over this controversy.

Despite being a pastor, Carl is also a writer and has written various articles and books.

His latest one was published in 2017 and is earning appreciation from critics as well as the public.

Carl known to maintain a perfect balance in his professional and personal life.

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Popularity Of Carl Lentz

With his extraordinary way of teaching in which he elaborates on a topic with the broad mindset and answers the question with the same openness, Carl has received massive popularity from his teaching.

This is his way to clear the doubts of his students and church members that he has gained huge popularity on social media platforms. He has around 60,000 followers on Instagram and nearly around 160,000 on tweeter.

He also attends various talk shows share his views on Christianity. The church in which he works is run by a board of elderly members but is quite popular as Lentz church and also known as the cool church.

He has collaborated with many social platforms who provides the stage to talk about the negative effects of abortion and tries to convince people about it. He believes in spreading positivity and awareness about Christianity, his church sometimes includes church music for his online and offline sessions.

Being from Virginia, Carl has gained the title as ‘Pastor of the stars’.

Carl Lentz Net Worth

Carl Lentz Net worth is around 2.5 Million USD and can grow more because last year, he published his book.