David Miscavige is the leader of the Church of Scientology. In this post we look at David Miscavige’s net worth. Below we will reveal what his total net worth is.

David Miscavige net worth

Who Is David Miscavige

David Miscavige was born on 30th April 1960 in Buck County, Pennsylvania. His father was Ronald Miscavige who was interested in playing the trumpet and mother was Loretta. What was interesting was the fact that David was born with a twin sister and he has two more siblings.

David’s father Ronald, brought up this family in the town of Willingboro. After having the basic education, David was admitted to a high school in Marple town.

Career of David Miscavige

At his high school, David loved to play football and baseball, but he was not able to continue playing them as he had an asthma condition. After various medical treatments, David’s father decided to introduce him to a Scientologist. After a 45 minutes session of Dianetics, David was cured and the whole family got amused by this incident.

In 1971, the Miscavige family joined a Scientology church and they moved to England where David started to work in a church by conducting auditing sessions and he was considered as the youngest professional auditor.


In 1976 David joined a Scientologist religious center started by L. Ron Hubbard and David worked as a photographer and later he was made the chairmen of the church’s religious board. He was in control of the investments of the church and took steps to spread this organization. So as the result of these steps, he succeeded in opening branches in many parts of America.


Net Worth of David Miscavige


David Miscavige is considered as one of the richest Scientologists in the world and he has a calculated net worth of about 60 million dollars. Some records mention that his personal net worth is somewhere around 10 million. David has done various charity projects and he still continue in these charity projects.

He helps to heal people and most of these healing sessions are done for free. David Miscavige made his money because of good leadership skills.


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