Are you looking for a quality bred horse to compete in show jumping or other equestrian events? If so this blog post will show you where to find sport horses in Ireland.


Breeding is essential in finding a horse that will perform well in competitive events, and to find that level of breeding is difficult. In this post we will provide you with tips on finding your perfect horse for equestrian eventing.


Stud Farms

The first place that you would check for a quality horse is a stud farm. One of the leading stud farms in Ireland for event horses is Ballyheerin Sport Horses. They have a stud farm in Donegal and have horses that are bred with equine lines that have brought success in the past.


DoneDeal or Jaadz

The go to websites in Ireland to find stuff to buy online are Donedeal and Both websites have equestrian sections where you can find sport horses for sale. It is important to do you due diligence when it comes to classifieds online, that information you are given are not fake.



Another great way to find sport horses is to attend showjumping events, dressage events and horse shows. At these equine events you will find horse breeders and trainers who may have horses to sell. These events are also a great place to establish connections in the equine industry and may lead you to those who have quality bred horses for sale.


Those are some of the top tips to finding sport horses for showjumping, dressage and other equine events. If you are serious about getting into equine events, you the best option is to get in touch with a stud farm that specializes in horses for those types of events. Stud farms will also have connections with horse trainers who will provide you with assistance on training your horse for such events.