Bracelets can be a powerful marketing tool. Find out seven reasons to market your business with promotional bracelets here.

Investing 7% to 8% of your company’s revenue in marketing is a common business practice. Unfortunately, when a company is only generating a few thousand dollars per year, 7% to 8% doesn’t create much flexibility. Combine that with the fact that companies that are making the least need the most marketing help, and you’ve got yourself a catch-22.

The way that growing organizations work their way out of that pinch is by investing in high-ROI means of advertising. Whenever high-ROI tactics come up in conversion, you’re always going to hear somebody mention promotional bracelets.

Promotional bracelets have been a hit with marketers and consumers over the last decade and are showing no signs of slowing down. In this post, we touch on a few of their unique advantages.

1. Promotional Bracelets Are Dirt Cheap

Before promotional bracelets became a big deal in the marketing sector, you could expect their cost to be well above what you might pay for your typical promotional stickers, pencils and the-like. Once bracelets started picking up steam though, competitiveness amongst providers made prices drop.

If you haven’t looked into promotional bracelet prices in the past, we suggest that you do so now. Even if you place small orders, you’re going to be surprised by the low cost per unit that many of today’s top manufacturers are able to offer.

If you buy bulk orders, you’ll pay next to nothing per unit!

2. People of All Ages Enjoy Bracelets

When your company sets up a booth at a community event, what do you give out to the public? Pens? Stress balls?

All of that stuff is fine… For adults. The reality is though that for every adult you see walking around at a community event, you’ve got 2 or 3 children. How can your brand tastefully engage with them?

Promotional bracelets.

Kids love throwing on bright colored bracelets and will turn into your most avid evangelists if you’re willing to be mindful of what they like when you’re concocting your promotional strategy.

3. There Are a Ton of Producers

No matter how picky a promotional items manufacturer is when it comes to what they produce, all of them make promotional bracelets.

What does that mean for you? A lot of things!

We already touched on how promotional bracelets enjoy some of the best cost per unit ratios that you can get. Beyond that, competition means that you can be picky when it comes to customer service, the quality of the custom rubber bracelets that you order and can even negotiate terms if you’re placing big orders.

All of that flexibility can mean a lot when it comes to easily rolling out your promotional strategy and managing it going forward.

4. An Outwards Means of Marketing

When you’re at a trade show and you hand someone a business card or a promotional pen, where does it go? Chances are, it’s going to end up in a pocket, a wallet or in the trash.

That reality comes in stark contrast to promotional bracelets. Given their premium feel, almost nobody that gets a promotional bracelet will put them in the garbage straight-away. While it’s true that bracelets could still end up in a pocket, the more likely outcome will be that recipients will immediately place your bracelet on their wrist.

Every person that you get to wear your bracelet at an event is a free billboard for your business.

5. Variability

Promotional bracelets are fully customizable. That means that you can get creative when it comes to their production.

For starters, you can play around with your bracelet’s colors. Some businesses will also put variable messaging on their bracelets to entice people to wear multiple units. We’ve even seen companies design special bracelets to commemorate each year which has led consumers to go out of their way to collect them.

The possibilities when it comes to how you leverage promotional bracelets are only limited by your imagination!

6. No Learning Curve

Bracelets are second nature to consumers which is important if you want to get use out of them. Even when looking at something as common as a promotional pin, a lot of people aren’t that accustomed to pinning objects on their clothing. That plus the risk of getting poked means that more consumers are going to be putting pins in their pockets rather than sporting them.

Bracelets, on the other hand, can be put on in an instant, are understood by just about everybody and consequently, enjoy high degrees of usability.

7. You Can Integrate Them Into Your Work Uniform

Not all promotional items carry the advantage of being as relevant to employees as they are to consumers. Promotional bracelets check that box!

Encourage your employees to sport multiple promotional bracelets when they’re working their shifts and out in the community. Let them know that if a customer asks about their bracelets, they should offer them one.

And by the way, if your bracelets are well designed as we know they will be, you’ll be shocked by how many customers will ask.

For a Big Return on Investment, Promotional Bracelets Should Be Your Go-To

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to promotional items. Our strong opinion is that you should cut through all of that clutter and go with promotional bracelets for the reasons that we’ve described.

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