Are you looking for an off licence in Donegal? In this article we will show you some of the best off licences that Donegal has to offer where you can get all types of alcohol, spirits, liquor and beers that you enjoy.

Off licence letterkenny

If you are living in Donegal or just visiting, there is a good chance that you will need to visit an off licence to purchase alcohol. In Donegal most convenience stores and supermarkets have a license to sell liquor and alcohol. In this run down of the best off licenses in Donegal we highlight the best outlets that sell all types of alcohol


5 Best Off Licenses In Donegal

1) Carryout Off Licence Letterkenny

Easily the best off licence in Donegal, McClafferty’s Carryout Off Licence Letterkenny offers nearly every drinks option you can think off from soft drinks to beers, no alcoholic beverages, wines, spirits and more. The benefit of using Carryout Letterkenny is the fact that they have a website where you can order your items and pickup or you can use their local delivery service.

If you are in the Letterkenny area and need an off licence to get some of your favorite alcoholic beverages, then you should visit Carryout Letterkenny to get what you need.


2) Lidl

There are a good number of Lidl supermarkets based throughout Donegal. If you are staying in Donegal for a holiday, there is a good chance that you will at least pass by a Lidl supermarket. Lidl offer a wide variety of alcoholic options including premium and own brand options.

Lidl regularly have offers on their drinks options while there are also the occasional discount using the lidl app


3) Aldi

Like Lidl, there are lots of Aldi supermarkets throughout Donegal. If you are looking for a discounted alcoholic drinks option, then Aldi is a good option.

Aldi have a decent selection of wines, beers and spirits on offer including budget and premium brands.


4) Tesco

If you are shopping in Letterkenny, Tesco is a good option for purchasing alcohol. Tesco have discounts on their alcohol offerings at various times throughout the year. A good shout if you need to buy some groceries while you are in the Letterkenny area.


5) Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores have a good selection of alcoholic beverages, however price wise, they are always a little steeper when it comes to their prices. If you are in Letterkenny and near either of the two Dunnes Stores supermarkets, then they are a convenient choice.

There you have it, if you are looking for an off licence in Letterkenny, then Dunnes is a great choice if you are looking for alcohol. There are a good number of choices to choose from to find what you need.