I remember back in May 2013, I was walking to a pub in Galway City to watch the UEFA Champions League final match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund when I was approached by a homeless guy looking for change for food. I must outline that Galway City is not a place that you regularly find people begging as it is one of the most beautiful cities that you can come across with its mix of traditional cultural heritage combined with a contemporary semblance. The occurrence got me thinking; is there a way in Ireland to bring down the cost of food in order to feed the hungry? Is there a way we can decrease the rate of homelessness?

Homelessness in Ireland

Changes in policy is needed

Since 2008 deprivation figures has been rising consistently and are most likely to continue the trend for as long as unemployment remains high. The reality is that more people are going hungry in Ireland and homelessness has increased dramatically. The price of a loaf of bread has risen over the last number of years, similarly with milk however the cost of producing the raw product for farmers must be considered. What is needed is left wing policies in Ireland for the production of low cost foods for Irish consumption. I would like to outline that I am not in favor of left wing politics. However a mix of left and ring wing politics are needed in Ireland. Instead of bread averaging E1.50 (E=Euro) we need the cost at E0.30. Similarly 1 Litre of milk in Ireland averages circa. E1.05 should be E0.40. The government should implement subsidies for the raw materials and employ a majority of the employees under the Jobsbridge scheme. The government should implement something radical as outlined as this will most likely be an option that is not viable for a private enterprise as a result of operation and material costs.

How to put more money in our pockets

Therefore, lower food costs you allow for spending elsewhere in the economy. If people have extra money left over in their weekly budget, it affords spending in other retail sectors.
Lower price of food allow smaller and local supermarkets and grocery shops to become more competitive against the multi-national chains. All in all this could be a solution to create jobs.

The homelessness solution: Build more houses

There is a major crisis in terms of the availability of social housing. If the price of rents keep rising, there will be more people sleeping on Irish streets. The solution to homelessness is to build more social housing and to get those in construction back to work.