Inbox Dollars is a popular get paid to (GPT) website that offers you a number of ways to make money online by doing simple tasks like completing offers and doing surveys.

Is Inbox Dollars a scam?


inbox dollars review

Can you make money legitimately with Inbox Dollars?

Yes you can and in this post, you will learn how to make money at

While it does not offer ways to earn significant amount of cash, Inbox Dollars is a website which offers a variety of ways for someone with a bit of spare time to make small amounts of cash.


Cash Surveys

The surveys pay 50 cents plus a sweepstakes entry for every completed survey. However, this amount is low compared to the rates offered at dedicated survey sites, and surveys are not always available.



Cash offers

This area of the site gives various incentives, typically between 25 cents and a dollar, for signing up for offers such as book clubs or other on-line survey sites.  These are usually free to join, but there are often only a limited number of offers available.



Cash games

This feature is linked to the Worldwinner gaming website.  By signing up as a new WorldWinner member and making a cash deposit players can earn bonuses for the games they play.  Of course, there is obviously no advantage for anyone who is already a WorldWinner member.



Cash shopping

Shoppers are awarded credits based on the amount of money they spend with various merchandisers.



Grocery coupons

This supposedly pays out 10 cents every time a member prints off and uses a coupon, although it is not clear how the site tracks coupon usage.



Cash tasks

These are online tasks such as proofreading or finding information online.  To qualify for each task it is necessary to take a 30 minute test in “Training Mode”. Cash payments for those who quality range from a few cents ts to a couple of dollars per task, depending on the complexity of the task. If a task pays 20 cents, a quick calculation reveals that you need to complete 50 of these tasks per hour to earn $10 hour, or just under one task per minute.  This is definitely an earning opportunity, but considering the time needed to qualify, the complexity of the tasks, and the amount of tasks that must be completed to earn a decent hourly wage, this is not easy money.



Cash videos

These are actually quite fun.  After answering a few pre-qualifying questions, there are some high quality and entertaining video ads to watch. By watching for a number that flashes across the video and recording it once the video is finished, the member earns credits and promotional offers. It might be necessary to watch the video more than once, and the payout is a minimal two or three cents per video.



InBox Dollars toolbar

U.S. residents can get paid for downloading an InBox Dollars tool bar, but this option is not available outside the continental U.S.



Members who refer friends to the site can earn 10 percent of their friends’ InBox Dollar earnings, but again, given the small earnings potential here, this will be 10 percent of very little.

Most of the ways to earn money on this site involve either spending money or investing an amount of time which seems quite disproportionate to the rewards offered. Also, a credit of $30 is required before submitting a payout request, and the money seems to accumulate, as the saying goes, as slowly as molasses in the wintertime.


While this could be a good site for dedicated online shoppers, those who are hoping to make a significant amount of money should look elsewhere. Look at our list of the best legitimate surveys.