Opinion Outpost is a market research company which pays members cash for completing on-line surveys. They are a legitimate company which does not charge a sign-up fee, and joining up is a simple matter of filling out a form on the website with some basic personal information.

Opinion Outpost Review

The purpose of providing this information is to provide the company with demographic information which helps it to target suitable surveys to members. In fact, Opinion Outpost guarantees that they will keep all personal information confidential, and only use it for specific market survey purposes.

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The company e-mails survey invitations directly to members. Each e-mail contains a link which opens into the Opinion Outpost website.  Members then to sign in using their registered e-mail address and password, and answer a few questions to determine if they qualify for a particular survey.  For example, a qualification question for a survey about international travel might be “Have you traveled abroad recently?” Respondents that answer “yes” will proceed to the survey, but those who answer “no” will be disqualified.


How Much Do Opinion Outpost Pay For Surveys?

Members who qualify for and complete a survey receive opinion points.  Ten Opinions Points are worth $1. Most surveys pay between ten and fifty Opinion Points, or between $1 and $5, and surveys usually take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. The vast majority of surveys that panelists will receive will be those worth between $1 and $5.

There are also consolation offers for those who do not qualify. These may be a sweepstakes entry, a charitable donation, or an opportunity to try for a $50 instant win.

There is also an affiliate program which pays $1 per referral, so there is a potential to make a little more income by referring other people to the website.

The website keeps track of opinion points earned, and these are clearly indicated in the members’ area on the Opinion Outpost website. When the opinion point balance reaches the payment threshold, member can choose a gift voucher or request to be paid via PayPal.

As an additional incentive, all participants are entered into a  lottery each time they complete a survey.


Stay Active On This Site If You Sign Up

One thing to be aware of is that members who are inactive for three months are removed from the panel, so it is important to take the time to consistently reply to e-mail invitations. You could lose your money!


In conclusion

Doing on-line surveys is definitely not a get-rich-quick opportunity.  However, signing up with legitimate companies like Opinion Outpost does offer the potential to make a little supplementary spare time income.

You will get invites regularly and you will have great opportunities to earn extra money!


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