Did you know that you can earn money by doing voice overs? Well you can. As a matter of fact numerous sellers on sites such as Fiverr.com are making a serious living from doing voice overs for all sorts of videos. One of the advantages of making money from home.

Make money doing voice overs

What you need to get started as a voice over artist


Firstly, you do need a good voice, one that is not monotonous and you must be able to speak clearly and not mutter. Secondly you need good quality sound recording equipment or access to high quality microphones. You should also have appropriate audio software installed on your computer and in some cases video editing software.


How do you know if this is the right job for you?


This is a great way for those who have experience in theatre, doing plays, or public speaking on a regular basis and know how to put their voices to great effect.


Who looks to hire for this work?


There are many people who may look for a voice over artist, such as those in the media, YouTube video producers, people who make podcasts, writers who turn their ebooks into audiobooks, product manufacturers who need a commercial or video product review. The list is endless and opportunities in this line of work is getting ever more popular.


Where can I find this work?


Online there are many websites that offer people opportunities to offer their services as a voiceover artist. Freelancing websites such as Fiverr and freelancer are extremely popular places for customers to go find people to carry out voiceovers for them. There are also dedicated voiceover websites where voiceover artists can sign up to. Sites such as Voicebunny and Voices are too popular sites that people can sign up to and start making money.


The best way to start making money doing voice overs


If this is a job that you would like, you should consider setting up your own website to promote your service. This way you can set up your own online space with a portfolio of voice overs that you have done. You can easily promote this on social media where you can gain much more exposure for your services.