Do you own land with a lot of trees? Do you own a forest? Do you work in an industry that uses or cuts a lot of timber? If yes to any of the questions above, you may be able to make money with a firewood business.

firewood business

Firewood will always be needed in order to heat homes and the positive part about it is the fact that wood is more environmentally friendly than coal and is cheaper than having oil heating.


This is not an easy industry to become a huge success and rich, however if you you set out a realistic strategy you can make some extra money.


Access to wood is critical


If you can lawfully access wood, whether it be from a forest you own, a timber processing plant or a construction company you own, you have a good chance of being able to sell it


How to sell firewood

There are a number of ways that you can sell firewood. You can do this by selling it as kindling, small bags of firelogs, large bags of firewood or with trailer loads of firewood.


Remember also that there is a market for sawdust you can sell saw dust to pet owners and to farmers who use it as bedding for their animals.


Equipment Required

For a firewood business, you need to invest in wood cutting equipment, including a chainsaw, log splitter, axe and or a wood chop saw.

firewood equipment axes and chainsaws

You can also buy wood from wood manufacturers or wood sellers which you can then resell for a profit if you do not own your own forest.
Construction owners who are involved with carpentry, erecting timber frame houses and those who gut houses in order to renovate, often find that there is wood left over which they can take and this can then be sold as firewood.