Startups and small businesses have limited resources and even more limited time to allocate.

From the numerous processes that eat away the time you could be spending growing your business, payroll is perhaps the most time-consuming.

Read on to find out the benefits of outsourcing payroll.

1. Productivity

Payroll processing takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of using that effort to grow your business, you will spend dozens of hours each month keeping track of hires, fires, deductions, raises, and more.

This is time you could invest in growth, and payroll outsourcing allows you to do just that. The bigger your company, the more resources you have to dedicate to payroll processing. This is a time investment you just can’t avoid, as it’s a monthly obligation for all businesses.

2. Regulatory Compliance

According to the IRS, almost 40% of all small businesses are fined for incorrect fillings, missed payroll taxes, and other omissions related to payroll.

Outsourcing takes all these worries off your mind and allows you to focus on business growth. Your payroll provider will be responsible for complying with all regulations, rules, and payroll tax calculations.

When considering payroll outsourcing providers, it’s important to compare different plans and make sure the provider has experience with the regulations that govern your business.

3. Cost Efficiency

In addition to boosting productivity, payroll outsourcing also affects your budget directly. The actual cost of payroll processing can quickly grow out of hand as your business expands in size and scope.

Your outsourcing partner will offer you a scalable solution that will accommodate your payroll needs as your business grows. If you have to hire a second accountant just to handle payroll as your business grows, your budget will bear the burden of one extra salary.

Instead of dedicating more resources to payroll, just adjust your outsourcing plan, and you will be able to handle payroll at a fraction of the money you’d have to pay if you did it internally.

4. Data Security

Startups and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to data breaches in relation to payroll processing. Such a breach may include embezzlement or data theft and could be catastrophic for your company.

Instead of leaving your payroll to a new and untested employee, you could entrust it to a reputable payroll outsourcing provider. The provider will ensure ironclad security and keep your payroll data safe in their own servers as well.

5. A Trusted Expert on Your Side

When partnering with a payroll provider, you are effectively teaming up with a payroll expert. Your payroll provider will offer you expertise and technical know-how in handling some of the most financially delicate aspects of your business.

Finally, trusting your payroll to a proven expert will give you some much-needed peace of mind to focus on what is most important for the future of your business!

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As we’ve seen, outsourcing payroll can save you a lot of money and effort in the long run. If you’re just starting out, outsourcing can make a huge difference in your budget allocation and perhaps even spell the difference between success and failure!

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