While many work from home opportunities may require some initial capital investments, there are many simple ways to make money from home without a capital investment. While the earning opportunities may be short-term in these cases, these methods may be a good way to launch other business ventures.

Make money from home

Top 8 Ways To Make Money from Home 2016


1) Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Many people have items in their home that they no longer use. Items range from furnishings, clothing and books. Depending on how much a person has stored in their garage, attic or basement, there are many good opportunities to sell.  Heavy items like chairs, sofas or other furnishings can be listed for sale on Craigslist in the local area. Books and other smaller items may be sold at online auction sites such as EBay.  While this will not provide a long-term source of revenue, it may be a good way to open up some room in the home and have a few extra dollars in the bank when the task is complete.


2) Bookkeeping And Accounting

Those who have any type of experience balancing a checkbook may contact local business owners and offer their services to maintain their bookkeeping and accounting. Many smaller companies do not want to hire someone full time to handle these tasks. Having someone willing to do the needed tasks at home without needing office space can be a bonus for these small business owners.


3) Get Paid To Websites

There are a number of good get paid to websites that you can find online that offer great simple and fun ways to make money online. Get paid to websites or GPT sites pay you for doing fun stuff including paying you to play games, answer surveys, read emails, complete offers and install apps and browsers. This is a popular way for stay at home moms and teenagers to make money online from home. Some sites such as UniqPaid can allow you to cash out on the same day that you register!

Swagbucks is one of the best websites to sign up to. They offer a lot of different ways to make money including paid surveys, they pay you to search online and they pay you to watch videos!


4) Clothing Repairs And Alterations Service

For those who are interested in sewing and already have a sewing machine, they may want to consider offering their services through Craigslist as a repair service. This business venture costs nothing to start up and can be very lucrative. As more people are pressed for time, this can be a great service for neighbors. Few things are needed except attention to detail and a willingness to devote the time to mending clothing. A clothing repairs and alterations service can be a successful home business.



5) Laundry Service

While this service may be rather labor intensive, it can also fill a serious need. Families who have two working parents may be willing to pay someone to do washing and drying of clothing allowing them to enjoy their free time with their family.  Some who enjoy being in their home and are seeking simple money making ideas could consider this as an option.


6) Under The Table Jobs

There are many under the table jobs that you can find on job boards that allow you to work at home. Some include web designing and website management while others include social media management for businesses. For these types of jobs you would need to have qualifications and relevant experience in the type of occupation that you are applying for. To make money from home with this type of job, start looking at online job listings such as Indeed.


7) Call Center Work

There are several opportunities that are available for those who enjoy being on the telephone. Many call center jobs do not require any specialized training or equipment and in some cases, all that is needed is a computer and access to Skype which is free. You can sign up to freelance websites to find work and then you can make money from home.


8) Paid Surveys

Paid surveys offer you a great way to make money online from your home. Getting paid for your opinions is a popular way for teenagers and for people looking to generate some extra income. Always sign up to the free survey websites as they are the legitimate ones. Depending on the survey panel you join, you will receive regular survey invites each week and will get paid anywhere between £1-50 per survey.


The best surveys include; PanelPlace and ACOP. See our list of the best legitimate surveys 2016.

There are several simple ways to make money from home without a capital investment. Finding a need and filling that need can create long-term opportunities without the need for any specialized skills. Those who have additional skills that are easily transferred such as writing skills or web development skills may have there options available to them but many opportunities do not require any specialized skills.