There is no such thing as beginners’ luck with stock trading. There are no easy recommendations when handling stock. And as a beginner, you are bound to make a lot of crucial mistakes. You can always find more information at when you need something specific. Before diving into the deep end, consider these five tips as a starter guide.  


5. There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Stock


There are a nice number of great picks you can sit on. There is nothing wrong with someone telling you that a stock has potential. The problem is when people confuse potential with ‘can’t miss’. Unless you are dealing with the big hitters of the industry, a stock can easily be volatile, even when it isn’t listed as such. Don’t make the mistake of feeling invincible when making a high caliber purchase.  



4. Everyone Has The Same Good Idea

Countless people read about penny stocks and think they’ve discovered a gold mine. Countless people follow stock market news and think they can predict the market. Whatever great idea you have about the stock market, millions of other investors have already attempted it. That doesn’t mean you should give up on a good idea, it just means you should be cautious. Don’t make quick decisions when plenty of other people are already running with it. 



3. Diversifying Is Still King

A diversified portfolio provides the best safety net, even within an unpredictable market. This has held true for several years and is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make as an investor. You should also do this to raise your expertise when trading in multiple industries. Over time, you will develop favorites that will shape your true portfolio. 



2. Learn The Basics

Yes, it can be boring to learn about the intricacies of trading. On the surface it is exciting, and beneath it is a mountain of words. What matters most is the latter, and it’s exactly what will separate beginners from professionals. Even if you have the best information available about a cheap stock, it will do you no good without understanding how trading works. This is something that goes well beyond surface slang and terms and requires weeks of deep study. 



1. Know Your Goals Before Trading

Over time, your investment portfolio will change based on your trading tendencies. This is normal, but ultimately it should still reflect your original goals when trading. What type of trader do you want to be? This is a question that needs to be answered before investing time, money and knowledge into the stock market. Trying to figure this out on the fly will hurt your earning potential and lead to mistakes. 



Wrap Up

Never go into stock trading thinking you’ll hit it big like in a casino. The two industries are nothing alike and require a completely different skillset. No one has a foolproof formula for picking the correct stocks at one hundred percent accuracy. With this guide, you will at least avoid a lot of the most common mistakes made by beginners.