Are you looking to save money and keep track of your savings? Everyone would like to be able to budget and keep track of their spending. Doing it manually, though, is so time consuming that most people don’t even try. Fortunately, the tech industry has caught on to this need. There are now lots of apps that you can get for your iOS or Android smartphone that can help you with this task.


We recently did a run down of the best apps that pay you, so this is a review of 10 of the best budgeting and finance apps that will help you get your personal finances under control.

10 Best Personal Finance Apps 2018

10)  Mint
Mint is an app that is owned by Intuit. That’s the company that owns the accounting software package QuickBooks. Mint is one of the best-known personal finance apps. It has a wide range of features to help you manage your finances.

Mint Personal Finance app

Mint allows you to create your own budgets, categorize and track your spending, and manage your credit score. You can also set reminders to pay bills, and the app will alert you if you go over budget. It’s a great all-rounder of a personal finance app.



9) You Need a Budget
You Need a Budget or YNAB, is so popular, it almost has a cult following. The app works slightly differently from other budgeting apps. Instead of budgeting by categories of expense, you allocate each dollar of your income to a job. Those jobs might be repaying debt, living expenses, and eating out.

you need a budget app

You can then check the app at any time to see how much money you have left for each job. You Need a Budget takes all the guess work out of managing your finances. Features of You Need a Budget include syncing with your bank, goal setting and tracking, and easy to understand reports. This is one of the top personal finance apps that helps you to track your budget.



8) Mvelopes
The idea of Mvelopes Budgeting App is the same as old-school cash envelope budgeting. You split your money between envelopes that are marked for different purposes. When you have used all the money in an envelope, you have used your budget for that category of expense. Synced with your bank accounts and credit cards, Mvelopes takes that simple idea and makes it electronic.


The app is available in three versions. The basic version gives you access to the budgeting facilities. The plus version gives you access to a debt reduction feature. The Complete version provides access to a personalized financial plan and a personal coach. This personal finance app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



7) PocketGuard
PocketGuard is an app that will help you spend less. The app links to your financial accounts and compares your spending to your budget. The app is very easy to set up and sync with your accounts. It also tracks recurring expenses and it will make suggestions as to how you could save money.

Pocketgaurd budgeting app

PocketGuard makes it much easier to plan your finances. It also makes it easy to see where you are against your plan at any time in the month. It could help you lower your spending on some types of expenses. The app will also alert you to better deals on monthly service costs.



6) Wally
Wally is currently a free personal budgeting app. The website says, though, that there will be a charge for premium features in the future. Wally is essentially a budgeting app. It has some nice features, but it’s harder to use than some other apps.

Wally personal finance

Wally does not connect to your bank accounts. It relies on your entering expenses as you go. It’s a bit confusing to use in some places, but it’s a good way to keep a real-time track of your spending. Wally gives you a daily remaining budget on the home screen.

That can be misleading, though, because it is worked out based on spending equal amounts throughout the month. Some people might prefer the per category budgeting provided by Mint and You Need a Budget.



5) Simple
Simple takes the idea of personal budgeting and financing a lot further. It’s a budgeting app that comes with a bank account. The Simple app provides you with fully integrated budgeting and electronic banking. That tight integration makes it very easy to manage your finances and work towards your financial goals.

Simple personal finance

The checking account, which includes a visa debit card and all the usual basic electronic banking functions, is free. The app is free as well. Simple is a very useful integrated banking and budgeting app, so long as you are happy to change your bank.



4) Goodbudget
Goodbudget is another electronic version of envelope budgeting. In fact, the app used to be known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid. Goodbudget is a great personal budgeting app for couples. You can share your budgets and synchronize your spending with your partner.

Goodbudget personal finance

The basic Goodbudget app is free to use. However, the basic version does limit you to ten envelopes. As envelopes are your categories of spending, that may not be enough for many people.

If you upgrade to the paid premium version, you get an unlimited number of envelopes. Goodbudget does not sync with your bank accounts.



3) EveryDollar
The EveryDollar personal finance and budgeting app works on the zero-based budgeting principal. That means that you allocate every dollar of your income to something. You can then track how much you spend against each of your categories.

EveryDollar app

If you had budgeted to save $250 at the end of the month and you didn’t save that much, you would be able to see which of the categories you have overspent on. EveryDollar is easy to use and it is quite a sophisticated personal budgeting tool.

The basic budgeting app is free, but that doesn’t connect to your financial accounts. If you want that function, you will need to upgrade to EveryDollar Plus, which costs $99 a year.



2) Empower
Empower is a smart personal finance app that brings all your financial information together so that you can manage and plan your personal finances.

personal finance app for smartphone app

Empower can connect to your bank and credit card accounts and give you up-to-date reports on your spending. You can budget by categories and see how you are spending against those budgets. The app will send you alerts about important information as well. Empower will also look for the best deals for you on your regular expenses. Empower is available in both a free and a paid version.

The benefits you get from upgrading to the paid version are unlimited budget categories and spending caps on categories. You also gain access to advice from Empower financial experts.



1) HomeBudget
HomeBudget is one of the best personal finance apps that you can sync between devices. That makes it good for couples who want to keep track of their joint spending. You manually enter your income and expenditure on HomeBudget. But, it is a very flexible system.

HomeBudget personal finance apps

The system allows you to budget and track expenditure by category. It has some nice reports and pie charts for monitoring your expenditure. HomeBudget is not as sophisticated as some personal budgeting apps. It is, though, a good way to track your monthly spending.