Looking for unconventional jobs that pay well? In this post we look at high paying odd jobs, weird jobs and even under the table jobs that pay cash.

unconventional jobs that pay you

We all grow up wanting an ordinary job like a teacher, accountant, lawyer or engineer. These types of jobs require you to go to college which ends up ruling out these opportunities for people who do not have the money.

There are lots of jobs that you would not think of that you may be able to do despite not having qualifications. In this post we look at unconventional jobs that pay good money, some you can do as a side hustle, others you can do as a full time career.

Best Unconventional Jobs That Pay Good Money

Below we show you top weird and odd jobs that actually pays good money.


17) Sound Engineer

Whether you are at a concert seeing your favorite band perform, or at a theater, even watching a TV show, the sound quality is essential for a performance. This is essentially the job of a sound engineer.

This is not what you think when you hear the word “engineer” however a sound engineer is a specialist job that pays really good money.

Also known as “sound technicians” they work in both the production and post production on events, movie scenes, radio and more.

Tasks for a sound engineer include:

  • setting up audio equipment
  • checking and testing microphones
  • recording audio
  • adding sound effects
  • solving technical problems
  • mixing and balancing audio and music for best effects

If you love being a part of a production, love events and performances, then this could be a job for you.


16) Carnival Float Builder

We recently got a quote of $4000 from a guy to build carnival float! Material was included in this price, but it was only a fraction of the cost!

Carnival float builders charge a premium for their work. They have a flair for design and are good at creating features.

In theory, do you not need to have any qualifications to do this job, but you should have woodworking and or steel work experience. Having a certificate of competence with using power tools would be an advantage. A fire safety and event safety training, would be a plus as a builder to ensure that you are not liable for unforeseen circumstances.

One of the best ways to get started in this type of work is to invest your own time and resources into creating your own floats for carnivals near you. Get involved with groups that are involved in carnival events, that way you can build your own portfolio and you may find opportunities that will lead to good pay for your work.


15) Bereavement Coordinator

While this job seems quite gloomy, there will always be jobs as a bereavement coordinator. All people are going to die, it is inevitable.

The job of a bereavement coordinator is to provide counseling services to those who’s friend(s) or family member(s) have passed away.

Typically bereavement coordinators are required to have a degree and experience as a grief counselor.

The median salary for a bereavement coordinator is $44,000+. For this unconventional job that pays well, you need to be an empathetic person and be able to control your emotions.


14) Embalmer

Another job that involves dead people is working as an embalmer. The average salary for an embalmer in the US is around $45,000 per year.

Most people work as an embalmer to a funeral home. It can be a demanding job, depending on where you are located. It is a job that requires you to be available 7 days a week and you could be required to work any hour of the day.

To become an embalmer requires a lot of training and dedication to attain the relevant qualification. A embalmer is required by a funeral home to prepare deceased for funeral services such as cremations and burials. An embalmers job usually requires applying make up, disguising facial damage and removing blood from deceased.


13) Bingo Manager

A bingo manager oversees the daily activities of a bingo department of a bingo hall or casino. Experience is required in a casino position would be required but it is an unconventional job that pays well.

The job requires the planing and coordination of gaming while you may need to oversee the finances also.

This is not a job you would think that would pay well, however a salary of $79,000 is the median in the US.

A high school diploma is usually an education requirement, however, your previous experience in the gambling industry is more important for attaining such a job.


12) Crime Scene Cleaner

A crime scene cleaner is a pretty grim job. Someone has to do it however! The average median salary for this job is $39,000.

There are no educational requirements for this job generally. You would need some training on bio hazards.

If you are working in an area with a lot of crime, you may get paid more. If you are working with a company that also cleans accident scenes you will also get regular work.

If you are someone who is not fazed by blood, then this could be a good job for you.


11) Writer

With the digital age there is a huge demand for content writers. With the growth in ebooks, there are also lots of opportunities to write and publish your own books.

Writers generally make money on a freelance basis offering their services to agencies while other writers are hired for ghostwriting.

The amount of work that you can earn as a writer really depends on how much work you get, your experience and your portfolio.

Writing is a great way to make money online.


10) Digital Animator

Video content is becoming ever more popular. Animations are used in a wide range of content from marketing collateral, education, movies and more.

You can choose to go down the freelance route or look to get hired by an agency.

A college degree is likely to be required if you want to get hired by a company and receive a salary.

A degree is not required if you want to be a freelance animator, however a qualification will certainly help you in achieving new work.

Building a portfolio of your work is essential for gaining employment or winning business as a digital animator.


9) Soil Consultant

A soil consultant is an unconventional job that pays well. What do they do? They measure the PH of soil and outline the nutrients that are required for optimal growing conditions.

Soil consultants are required by farmers and vegetable growers to provide a report of the condition of the soil for optimal growth to increase profits.

Soil consultants are needed more and more as farming becomes more intensive and as there is a need to grow more food for a growing world population.



8) Childbirth Educator

A childbirth educator is a job that pays well. In the US, this type of job would get a $65,000 salary. It is unconventional as you would never have thought about it. In some cases people who have experience as a nurse or midwife would move into this type of a job.

Generally you would need to have a qualification; a Certified Childbirth Educator by CAPPA.

If you have an interest in child birth and like working with moms, this could be an option for you.


7) Video Game Designer

The video game industry is worth more now than the film industry. If you have an interest in designing games, it could become a lucrative career for you.

To be a video game designer you would need to have experience in designing scripts and animations while you would also need to know some gaming languages like C# and C++.

You can learn how to make games by trying free software such as Unity3D.

In the USA, the general salary for a video games designer is $88,000.



6) Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is an odd job that pays well. This is a good side job and you can use sites like Rover.com to find work.

You can work for a number of clients at one time. You can charge what you like for your time but offering value to your customers means you are likely to get repeat business.

Dog owners sometimes go away on holiday while others work long hours. This means there are lots of opportunities for people who love dogs to become a pet sitter.

You can advertise your services online and this helps you to get some business and extra cash.



5) Dog Walking

Similar to pet sitting, there are lots of ways to make money walking dogs. Rover.com is a site to help you find work. You can walk numerous clients dogs at the same time and you may be able to schedule dog walks to maximize your earnings.

You can set up various social media pages and advertise in your local area to find new jobs and earn lots of money.

Dog walking can be considered as an under the table job where you get paid in cash.


4) Sommelier

Sommeliers are wine tasters and they get paid up to $150,000 per year. In the US there is an extremely difficult exam to pass in order to become a Sommelier.

There are classes in the US, the Court of Master Sommeliers and WSET. You can try the exams and if you pass, you can work towards a Master of Wines (sommelier).

There are only 7 Sommeliers in the US, so it is going to be extremely difficult to become one.

The job involves tasting wines and recommending wines that would best compliment foods at popular restaurants.


3) Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers get paid a decent salary. It is a specialized job where you manage the airplanes in the sky and while in the ground. They ensure that planes take off and land safely and do not collide while in the air.

Air traffic controllers must go through rigorous training. In the US, there are two phases of training, the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative. There are bachelors and masters degree programs available.

The FAA Academy requires in classroom training and simulator training in order to receive the certification.

The median salary for this job in the USA is $122,000. Pay is low while you are in training and when you start your job after qualification.



2) Event Planner

The median base salary of an event planner is $62,000 in the US. Event planners plan corporate events to award ceremonies and productions. If you are someone with extremely good organizational skills, then this could be the perfect job for you.

Once you gain experience in event planning, you can consider setting up your own event planning agency. This way you could earn on a project by project basis and use the funds allocated by clients in the way you want for your event to be a success.

Negotiation skills, organizational skills and leadership qualities are all skills and qualities that event employers will be looking for when hiring.


1) Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics make on average $60,000 per year salary. If you have an interest in airplanes and enjoy fixing engines, it could be a possibility for you.

The Federal Aviation Administration list their requirements to be a qualified aircraft mechanic on their website. You must be over 18 years old, have work experience working on power plants or airframes and pass written, oral and practical exams.


In this post we have listed some of the top paying unconventional jobs, odd jobs and weird jobs you would never have thought about.


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