Getting financing today is complicated, takes a lot of time and can have you pulling your hair out when you try to fill out all the forms. When you need cash fast, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Being strapped for cash is stressful enough without having bank loan applications making it worse. Whether you need money now for your kid’s tuition, rent, medical expenses or another car, you have options besides traditional loans.

Read more about ten ways you can get quick cash for unexpected expenses.

1. Start Selling

Rummage through your closets for items you can sell. You’d be surprised at the things people buy.

Having a yard sale can bring in hundreds of dollars. Get out those old records, appliances, toys, DVDs and even VHS tapes. In fact, vintage items are always big sellers.


2. Take Care of Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, this side hustle could be just the thing when you need money now. You don’t even have to advertise. Just sign up at a site like Rover, and you’ll start getting calls right away.

You can set your own prices and schedule. Some people make a full-time living dog sitting.


3. Rent an Extra Room

Airbnb isn’t just for renting an entire home. You can rent just a bedroom in your house. This could be worth $100 a night. If you’re going away for a week, you can also rent your whole house and make $1000 for one week.

Get money fast


4. Get Crafting

Do you have a talent for making homemade items? Etsy is a site where you can sell just about anything you make. If you like to knitting, painting, woodworking or creating anything people will buy, you can make money using your talents.


5. Tutor Students

You don’t have to be a certified teacher to tutor students. If you’re knowledgeable in math, science, reading or technology, you can earn cash tutoring.


6. Try Landscaping

Pass out flyers or put an ad in your local paper advertising your landscaping services. Keep it simple, like mowing lawns, trimming hedges and spreading mulch. Many seniors or people who don’t have the time to do it themselves will pay for yard work.


7. Get a Small Loan

You can get fast loans that don’t require the same income and credit scores that banks need. These microloans can really help you if you’re struggling for cash.


8. Donate Blood

This isn’t for everyone, but you can make from $20 to $50 donating blood. If you have a rare blood type, you can make even more.


9. Sell Photos

If you have a camera, you can sell your photos. Once you upload your photos onto sites, such as ShutterStock, you can earn money from them repeatedly.
You can also offer your photography skills to people in your area for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.


10. Sell Old Cell Phones

Do you have a box of old cell phones left over after upgrades? You can get cash for them. Sell them on sites like Gazelle. The amount of cash you get will depend on the make and model of the phone.


If You Need Cash Fast, Try These Ideas

Don’t limit yourself to only one of these moneymaking gigs. If you’re thinking, “I need cash fast,” try more than one.

With a little effort, you can put your money problems behind you for good.

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