BitMaker, now renamed Storm Play is a free Android app that gives you free bitcoin every 30 minutes. The BitMaker app is one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin Faucets and Bitcoin mining. You simply get paid Blocks every 30 minutes after you view an ad or watch a video. In the past BitMaker has paid its users more Bitcoin in the past, however the payouts per 30 minutes are decent compared to rival Bitcoin faucet apps.

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How To Get Started With Storm Play?


First of all you need to download BitMaker (Storm Play) from the Google Play Store. You need to sign up using a valid email address and create a password. It is essential that you use a referral code to get yourself an added bonus when you sign up for free.


Use referral code ZCS7AS when you join to get a 2,500 Blocks bonus.

Next step to take and is also an important one is to get yourself a Bitcoin Wallet. The one that we use is Bitcoin Wallet. We found this to be reliable and have received many Bitcoin payments problem free. Xapo is another wallet alternative to use.


A Bitcoin Wallet is a program that allows you to receive Bitcoin payments and allows you to store your Bitcoin. BitMaker pays your Bitcoin direct to your Bitcoin Wallet. You must update your Wallet address each time you receive a Bitcoin payment.


What Tasks Do I Do To Get Rewards?


With Storm Play, there is actually very little you have to do to earn free Bitcoin. There is a 30 minute timer which you just have to wait to pass and then you click to receive your Blocks. Once you click to receive the Blocks, you must view and ad or watch a video which can take you 30 seconds.


You can also earn Blocks by completing offers and this can really help you earn lots of free Bitcoin. This mainly includes installing and playing free games on your smartphone.


If you have a big network of friends, you can get them to join using your referral code or they can use ZCS7AS to receive their sign-up bonus.

You can also trade Blocks to speed up the timer and this gives you the chance to earn more Blocks, however, we recommend that you stick with collecting your Blocks every 30 minutes in the event that CakeCodes server goes down, you could lose your Blocks.


How Does Storm Play Formerly Bitmaker Pay You?


Storm Play as it was BitMaker will pay you every Saturday if you can keep earning enough Blocks to meet the withdrawal threshold. Withdrawing your rewards are easy, all you have to do is update your Bitcoin Wallet address and click on “Withdraw” you will get your rewards delivered to your Bitcoin Wallet the following Saturday but it might take until Sunday to actually see your rewards.


The minimum withdrawal amount of Satoshi has changed from time to time by the team at BitMaker.


Should I Download BitMaker/Storm Play?


We recommend that you do download it and use it. It is a free and easy way to earn Bitcoin. As Bitcoin is increasing and fluctuating on a daily basis, your free Bitcoin could become more valuable in the future.


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