There are countless jobs advertised on the Internet everyday and many of them require little or no experience. While everyone gathers some sort of transferable skill just from living day to day there are jobs that don’t require any prior work experience in the field. These postings are attractive because it means that there are no barriers to entry or in other words, anyone can apply.


Best No Experience Jobs on the Internet


Some of these ‘no experience required’ jobs are as follows;


Freelance Writing

Freelancing is great for people who enjoy writing. There are several sites that pay contributors for submissions that meet certain established guidelines. Each site has its own set of rules but generally freelancers can be paid an upfront fee, performance earnings from page views or a combination of both.

Alternatively, writers can subscribe to membership sites such as and to bid for jobs on contract.


Data Entry

There are numerous sites that are set up for the express purpose of passing on data entry jobs. The jobs are generally straight forward, requiring only that information is entered in a specific format.

While this can be a bit monotonous it certainly doesn’t require prior experience and it does offer an opportunity to make a few dollars fairly easily.


Completing Surveys

This is another popular way of earning money online without any prior experience. Survey takers must first comply with a few stipulations. Most survey companies require their applicants to fill out a form detailing their information. It can contain everything from the number of people in the household, income brackets and even food preferences or if you have pets. This information will be used to send you surveys that correspond to your particular demographic.


A reliable website to try for free is the Digital Voice by the Neilsen


As long as you fill out the form truthfully you should be sent surveys that you can complete on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this area is also fraught with scams so you need to be careful when selecting a company. Try doing some research before giving them all your information.

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Affiliate Marketing

This is an area could benefit from a bit of skill but not necessarily previous experience. Affiliate marketing is a good option for people who already operate blogs or who are at least familiar with the blogging concept.

It is as simple as selecting an affiliate to work with and then using your blog or social networking profiles to tout their products or services in a controlled and consistent manner. Every hit that is converted into a sale translates into money into your account and most affiliate marketers have no prior experience.

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You can find a job on the web even without experience. The examples mentioned here are all legitimate opportunities to make an income, but the degree of success achieved will depend on your level of skill and your dedication to the job.