One of the biggest challenges to finding safe online jobs is weeding out the potential problem sites. Do not be taken in by advertising that lures you in with the promise of making thousands of dollars at home in your pyjamas. 90% percent of online jobs that say you will make lots of cash are usually online scams. Some scams are only set up to steal your information so that it can be sold to others for malicious purposes. There are many ways that you can safely find an online job that will pay you cash and many of them are governed by common sense.

Finding safe online jobs

In this post we show you the steps you should take to find safe online job opportunities.

Here are the best tips for safely finding safe online jobs

Research Online Job Opportunities

Always do your research to help you find safe job opportunities online. Doing research on any company that is promising that the possibility of finding an online job is high needs to be carefully reviewed. Check out the website, look for red flags and check out the Better Business Bureau to confirm that companies standing.  Sites that are not clear about the opportunities that they are offering can be problematic. If the website is extremely vague you want to reconsider.


Read Online Job Reviews

Most legitimate work at home sites offer some type of a forum for their members to discuss what is happening with the users. Read the forums and find out what people are saying.  If there are numerous legitimate complaints, try to find additional information before you agree to sign up on an online job site if you see a lot of posts that are negative. Do not mix up complaints about general issues with serious issues.

Websites like Trustpilot will provide you get an insight to an online business through user reviews. This will help to you to gauge whether or not the online job is a scam or not.

We provide reviews of earn money online opportunities  including surveys, apps that pay money and get paid to websites. We provide unbiased reviews on the sites that we think offer the best opportunities for our readers to make money online.


Check The Contact Details

If you are considering signing up for a safe online job opportunity, do not hesitate to contact the owner of the site. Most legitimate services have some type of customer service staff, live chat or at least a phone number to call. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Most sites will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information if you ask for it.

Legitimate websites should also have a social media website, whether it is a Facebook, Twitter or Google My Business account.


Compare Similar Online Jobs 

When you have identified multiple online job opportunities, do not hesitate to compare them against each other. Each online job opportunity has upsides and downsides and the best way to find which is best for you is to compare them. Each online job opportunity provides an opportunity for someone, but finding the online job that is right for you is critical.

searching for safe jobs online

Again, review all sites online, using review websites and check what others say about the company that are offering the online job.


Protect Your Personal Information

Not only should you use caution with your personal information, but when you are finding an online job you need to confirm how you will be paid. Make sure that any online job site has clear information and instructions on how you are to be paid. Some online job sites allow you to receive payment through PayPal while others have other payment methods. Make sure you understand what the rules are and that you agree to them.

Be wary of websites that ask for social security numbers and do not release such information until you are certain that they are a legitimate company to work for.


Remember, there are many ways of safely finding an online job. With a great deal of common sense and making sure that you carefully review the Terms of Service of any online job site you can be successful. Do not fall victim to online scams when trying to find an online job. The number of legitimate sites that are available for you to safely secure an online job is growing, you merely need to find them.


Where To Find Work From Home Jobs

Check out The Joe Economy Jobs Website for work from home jobs that are currently available. If you are looking for quality jobs that really pay, have a look at the latest listings.

You can also use other job sites like Indeed, they also have online jobs listed including work from home jobs.


Here are some of the jobs that we feel are safe for you to apply for:

Survey Websites

Survey websites are generally safe to use, however some are scams. We highlighted the best surveys to join in our post; 20 best survey sites.

Those safe online survey jobs include, PanelPlace, American Consumer Opinion and Opinion outpost.


Get Paid To Websites

Alot of GPT websites are safe to use, we recommend QuickRewards and Swagbucks


Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are probably the most popular jobs online and you can find this type of work for companies in all the freelancing websites and some of the popular jobs listing websites. Data entry jobs are considered as the most popular safe online jobs.


Want To Start Your Own Business?

Have a look at out Start a business category for posts on starting a business and for information on getting started with our own business and marketing it.