Are you able to tie a tie?

One skill that all men should have is to be able to tie a tie. If you don’t then this is your guide on how to tie a tie. Ties are an essential piece of your suit. Having a well tied tie will complete your sophisticated look.

See the images and the video I robbed below with tips on tying different types of ties.


The Four in Hand Knot

four in hand knot tie


The four in hand knot is a common, simple but effective tie and this is one that all men should know or learn.

The half Windsor

Half windsor Knot


The half Windsor knot is more difficult to tie than the four in hand knot, but it is the perfect tie to suit any suit and any occasion.


The Full Windsor knot

Full Wiindsor Knot


The full Windsor is one of the most popular knots. It is a larger knot than those mentioned previously however it works really well with any suit.


The Nicky Knot

Nickey knot tie


The Nicky knot is a simple tie commonly worn by school kids who have ties as part of their uniform. The graphic below shows how its done.


See the full infographic here on Pinterest



Watch this video on how to tie a tie


This is a good video by Howcast I used this to learn how to perfect the tying of the perfect tie.


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