A talented video game developer and composer, Toby Fox is a youngster who has made it to the stars from very little.

Toby Fox

He has composed various music compositions which are used by company Webcomic Homestruck. He has developed a popular and critically appraised video game with the name of Undertale.

This talented developed was quite active in making electronic music and composed various pieces for every bit with a sound of the piano.

Toby is a guy who with the help of his coding abilities and IT development skills created a video game which was sold to 2.7 million approx. and gained him huge success and profits.

Toby Fox Net worth is around 3 million and that is the amount which he has earned solely by his talent.

Toby Fox Early Life

Toby Fox was born in Massachusetts, USA in October 11, 1991. Toby Fox will be 28 in 2019.

He studied at Northeastern University with specialization in environmental science. In his school days, Toby was a forum member of Earthbound, a fan site. He used to update his work and music pieces on this platform with a name of ‘Radiation’.

Even, today Fox is also known by his alias name ‘Radiation’. With the submission of his ‘Earthbound Halloween Hack’, Toby gained attention and came in the sight of music composing and video gaming companies.

He has composed the music for the webcomic, ‘Homestuck’. Details about Toby’s family and parents have not been revealed. Rumors say that he has three brothers and all of them lives in Massachusetts.

Toby Fox Career

An interesting fact is that he has developed a game costing $50 USD, known as Undertale became so popular that it changed Toby aka Radiation’s life completely.

He became an overnight sensation and earned millions as this game was sold to more than 2 million people

He developed this video game while he was working for Andrew Hussie’s webcomic. This game was launched in 2015 and earned Toby various awards including:

  • “Best Game of PC” at the Independent Games Festival
  • “Shotgun Game of the Month”
  • “Game of the year” by The Jimquisition.

Toby Fox AKA “Radiation”

Radiation likes to remain behind the curtains when it comes to his personal life. As nothing much else has been revealed about his family and relationship, even when asked about this, he simply denied answering. No one knows if this smart developer is dating someone or not.

Fox lives in Massachusetts and most of his time is spent on his work. He is actively working for developing a new video games and composes electronic music for video games. Toby has never been indulging in any controversy and just has earned huge applause and recognition for his work.

Undertale and Deltarune

Toby is known as an overnight wonder as his video game became immensely popular and soon after his success. Fans of the video game have been asking about his sequel and another version.

In 2018, Toby released a game with a title as Deltarune. Toby tweeted and requested his Undertale fans to check his 2nd installment to the game and give feedback about its music, features and other aspects of a video game.

He promised to release the full flashed version of Deltarune shortly and answered in an interview that the theme of this game was in his mind from the time he launched Undertale.

Toby is a new face in the business of video games industry and his quick success has made him a star.

Toby Fox Net Worth 2019

Toby Fox Net Worth reached the amount of 3 million USD and made him a rich game developer. It is very fascinating that how a person who was owning nothing became rich because of talent and hard work.