Sean Evans is one of the most popular personalities on YouTube, a web show presenter, and interviewer. In this post we talk about Sean Evans net worth.

Sean Evans net worth

Sean Evans is a power packet in the Internet world. With his shows like ‘First we feast’ and ‘Hot Ones’, he has earned enormous success and fame and millions of dollars too.

Evans interviews famous celebrities from the glamour and entertainment world and offers them hot wings in his show.

With his popularity as a complex reporter and enjoys his high fan following on social media.

Sean Evans Early Life

Sean was born in 1986 in the Chicago suburbs. He started his career as a copywriter for Chicago tourism board and then started working as a freelancer interviewer in a company named as Complex.

After some time, he started working on a full-time basis in the role of an interviewer. After doing his graduation from the University of Illinois.

Since he was a child, his father introduced him to hot salsa sauce and since then he has been having hot chicken wings and even has started a show with this theme.

Sean Evan’s Media Career

Starting out as a copywriter, Sean has become a web producer and a popular interviewer. His show is unique in that he eats hot chicken wings with spicy sauces to many high profile celebrities.

Initially, Sean used to interview the celebrities and then post it on YouTube account of the company he was working for Complex. Later, he started a show; ‘Hot Ones’ in association with Complex Media in which he used to invite a celebrity and they would eat 10 chicken wings, each with a different and more spicier sauce.

The last sauce is the spiciest and is called Blair’s Mega Death Sauce. This show is the main reason behind Sean’s huge fame and popularity. Later he started a few other shows as well but is still doing the regular seasons of the ‘Hot Ones’.  

The celebrities who finish the wings are rewarded with the opportunity to promote their upcoming work and the ones who don’t have to agree to put their name on a wall which they call, ‘Hall of Shame’. He has earned massive popularity and money from this show that has contributed to his total net worth.

Sean Evan’s Personal Life

This highly popular and outspoken personality on the internet has a completely opposite persona when it comes to his personal life.

He likes to keep his personal life bit private and rarely speaks about it, as a result, it is not sure whether he is single or dating someone.

His social media accounts have pictures only with his father. Sean has a younger brother Gavin.

He doesn’t like to share his private life and has maintained a keen balance between his personal and professional life.

Sean Evans’ Earnings

Most of the income of Sean comes from his show ‘Hot ones’, and the frequency of his cash flow depends on the TRP rating on TV and the number of views on the internet.

He has earned enormous money and owns few cars and properties in the USA.

He is known for his unique way of asking questions and make celebrities answer them. He is a good example that if a person has talent and with little luck, one can become famous and rich.

He has been honored and interviewed by various magazines and his net worth is something which makes people widen their eyes.

Facts –

•    Sean Evan has tasted many spicy and hot foods in the world including the spiciest chilly, Pepper X.

•    He never uses a props and all of the food and sauces used on the show is real.

Sean Evans Net Worth 2019

Sean Evans Net worth 2019 is around $42 million USD. The popular host makes his money through media companies and views earned on the internet.