Reynad is one of the most popular gamers in the world. We reveal the net worth of Reynad and how he compares to other top gamers.

Reynad net worth

Reynad was born Andrey Yanyuk in 27 January 2019 and turned 26 in 2018. Yanyuk was born in the Ukraine.

He took on the name of Reynad through his exploits as a gamer.

Reyand is also referred to as the Hearthstone Player of America. The reason being is that he has won a large number of Heartstone gaming tournaments.

He has won competitive gaming competitions including the renowned; Lord of the Arena 1 and Battle of the Best Invitational #1.

Andrey Yanyuk is also famous for being the founder of Tempo Storm. Tempo Storm is an eSport organisation for professional video games.

His Twitch account has over 500,000 followers making him a highly influential streamer.

In 2017 Andrey Yanyuk was in the Forbes “30 under 30” list.

Reynad Net Worth 2018

Reynad makes a lot of money through sponsorship, game testing and through the success of his company Tempo Storm. Detailed figures of Reynad’s income and salary in 2018 has not been disclosed and as a result it is not widely known.

Reynad’s net worth is estimated to be $43.5 million. The majority of his estimated net worth comes from the success of Tempo Storm.

Because of the growth of Twitch and the investment of gaming and entertainment companies as of late, it is likely that Reynad’s net worth will grow substantially over the next few years.


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