Jeff Kaplan is the vice president of Blizzard Entertainment and is best known for designing parts of the best selling video game, World of Warcraft. In this post we look at the question; what is the Jeff Kaplan Net Worth?

Jeff Kaplan Net Worth

Born Jeffrey Kaplan in New Jersey on November 4 1972. He was raised in California. He loved video games as a school kid. Luckily he followed his passion and has become hugely successful in the video games industry.

He is the lead designer and game director of the video game Overwatch.


What Was Jeff Kaplan’s Salary and Earnings in 2018?

Jeff Kapan’s Salary and earnings for 2018 has not been disclosed as it is something that we wants to keep private. We do think it would be in the hundreds of thousands, despite a poor year for Blizzard as a result of the growth of Fortnite.

We will reveal below Jeff Kaplan’s net worth for 2018.


What Is Blizzard Entertainment Worth?

it was suggested in 2014 that Blizzard Entertainment is worth $7 Billion.

Blizzard Entertainment Net Worth: $0.2 Billion

It has over 9,500 employees.

Activision merged with Vivendi games in 2007. Vivendi games is owned by Blizzard Entertainment


Jeff Kaplan Net Worth

While the Jeff Kaplan Net Worth has not been disclosed, it could be estimated that it would be in the region of: $1,000,00 0 to $10,000,000

This is a estimate based on his role in the Billion Dollar video games company Blizzard Entertainment and the leadership on the Overwatch game.

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