Research shows that between 15 and 20 percent of U.S. employees show up late to work on a consistent basis. This can lead to billions of dollars in lost revenue every year!

Do you have employees who tend to treat start times like mere suggestions? Do you want to hold your office to a higher standard and make sure everyone’s showing up on time?

Employee Time Clock


If so, you might need to start using a time clock app or software.

Read on to learn about some of the best employee time clock tools you might want to check out and try in 2020.


Benefits of a Good Time Clock Tool

There are lots of reasons why you ought to be using a time clock tool at your office. Some of their primary benefits include the following:


Increased Accuracy

Without some kind of time clock, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of employee comings and goings with the kind of precision that’s required.

You’re a busy person, after all. You can’t spend your day monitoring your employees and making sure they show up on time and don’t try to sneak out early.

With a time clock, especially a software or app-based option, you can ensure that you’re getting accurate information about when your employees show up and leave for the day.


Increased Productivity

Time clocks can help with productivity, too.

When your employees know that they’re being monitored and held accountable for when they arrive and leave work, they’re going to (in most cases) be more motivated to show up on time. This, in turn, can help them get more work done throughout the day.

They’ll also be less likely to sneak away earlier before their work for the day is finished.


More Employee Satisfaction

At first, some employees may resist the idea of having to clock in and clock out each day.

They might change their minds, though, when they see that their paychecks reflect the true time they spent at work and when they receive paychecks at the same time each week.

When you use a time clock software, it’s easy to sync it with your payroll to ensure employees receive accurate compensation and get paid on time.


More Flexibility

Time clock apps and software can allow for more employee flexibility, too. They can log on and clock in when they’re working from home or another remote location, for example.

This can also improve employee satisfaction and allows them to be productive even when they’re away from the office.


Easier Shift Management

Scheduling and shift management both become much easier when you’re using a time clock app or software program. These tools come with lots of options that allow you to create and adjust schedules as needed and ensure that shifts are always covered. 


The Best Employee Time Clock Options

Clearly, there are lots of reasons to utilize a time clock tool to help keep your employees punctual and hold them accountable. How do you know which tool to use, though?

Here are some of the best options you might want to consider:



ClockInEasy is a great cloud-based tool that you can use for timesheets and time-tracking. It also comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, payroll management features, and GPS tracking to ensure your employees are where they say they are when clocking in from a remote location.

The free version of ClockInEasy allows you to add one user, but you can upgrade to the low-cost paid version ($5 per user per month) to give more people access.



Homebase is another cloud-based option that is great for small and mid-size businesses.

This software comes with a free version that lets you track all the employees who are working at a particular location with the help of special GPS functions. It comes with a variety of useful features in addition to a time clock, including employee scheduling tools, reporting tools, and even tools to help with recruitment. 

You can upgrade to the Essential plan ($19.95) to access extra features and make it accessible to more users.



OnTheClock is similar to the other tools on this list, as it’s cloud-based and good for small and mid-sized companies.

It comes with a free version that’s a bit more robust than some others. It lets you add two employees (instead of the one that ClockInEasy offers, for example) and comes with GPS tracking and geofencing features, as well as fingerprint scanning and leave management. You can use it for project costing and payroll reporting, too.

The paid version is more affordable as well and costs just $2.20 per user per month.



Zenefits is an HR software that’s easy to use and provides a lot of bang for your buck.

In addition to time tracking, you can use it to manage benefits, and it even comes with employee wellbeing and performance apps to help you monitor other important aspects of your workers and how they’re doing. 

Zenefits is more expensive at $8 per month per user, but it’s extra features make it worth it to some business owners. 


Time Clock Wizard

Finally, we can’t forget about Time Clock Wizard.

This software works for businesses of all sizes and provides them with lots of useful time tracking, payroll calculating, and GPS tracking tools. It’s free to use for up to three employees.

The paid version costs a flat $14.95 per month, making it a good option for growing businesses on a budget. You can read more here about what makes it special.


Try These Time Clocks Today

If you’re sick of dealing with late workers, an employee time clock can make a great addition to your business. It can also help with payroll and making sure employees are paid what they’re owed.

Give one of these time clock tools a try today to see if it’s a good fit for your office. You’ll be amazed at how much they can help when it comes to productivity and punctuality.

To learn about other tools you can use to streamline the way you run your business and better manage your employees, check out some of the other business articles on our site today.