Creating storyboards is a great way to get across ideas and provide entertainment ideas for marketing campaigns and more. If you look online you will find plenty of storyboarding software programs but which one is the best?

Each has their range of features, benefits and prices. So which one is the best platform for your requirements? Before you make a decision read this post where we will highlight some of the best features of the top storyboard programs.


Price: Free

This great app runs on the 3 most popular operating systems, windows, Mac and Linux. If you are new to storyboarding this platform is a great option for you, from a single screen you can draw each slot and add dialogue.

If you need a larger tool set you can port the entire thing into Adobe Photoshop. You can demo your boards in a slideshow much like a real animation.


Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Price: $60 p/m or $999 unlimited access

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is the most expensive storyboarding software on the market toady, and is regarded as the industry standard. It provides you with both sketching and animating together. It is a way to sketch your boards and see how they’d animate, all while tracking your script to make sure your scenes are on target.

It can work well for ad agencies, the story flow tool makes it easy to switch between board and script to follow each scene.

This is probably the most professional platform on this list however as seen it does come at a price.


Adobe Photoshop

Price $9.99 p/m

Photoshop wasn’t originally designed or intended for storyboarding, however you can arguably draw just as well in photoshop as you can in other programs. With free storyboard templates it is a well supported platform managed by a trusted brand.


Storyboard Foundation

Price: Free

A newer program that is only exclusive to Mac. The program flows extremely well and presents scenes in a linear fashion. You can quickly spot scenes and edit them without disturbing the rest of the story.

If you are an Apple Mac user and looking for a free solution, Storyboard Foundation is a good solution for you.



Price: $10 p/m

Plot makes storyboarding super easy. For a low price of $10 too get unlimited access and unlimited users. It can be run on an operating system. You can easily draw your frames and import them directly to your project along with added dialogue and stage directions. You can easily edit scenes and change scenes around.

Another great advantage is that they offer a limited access demo version to get a feel for the program before you make a purchase.


Above are some of the best storyboarding software program on the market right now. Some come at a price for those who require professional solutions. There are free basic versions for those who have small projects or just want to use them for a bit of fun.

You have to make the decision of which fits your budget and requirements.