The Asian hotel brands in this guide provide model examples of how to run a business, and not just a hotel. Learn from their examples now.

As you travel around the world on any number of business trips, there is a lot you should stop and consider beyond the business trip yourself. You may find a lot to learn right around your hotel area.

Asian hotel brands

The Asian market is booming and with it comes innovative business eager to bring in outside influence and wealth. An Asian hotel will often be the first sign of this customer focus you will find.

What secrets and ideas can you learn from this? Let’s look at 5 Asian hotel brands and what we can learn from them.


1. The Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula hotels operate luxury hotels in 10 of the biggest cities in the world, from Hong Kong to New York. Each of them has a key feature: they reflect the city they are in.

This trick helps to bring in all manners of travelers into the city they are visiting. It is easier to go from The Peninsula to the city proper and this adaptability is great.

A business that can shift its treatment based on its location and client is one that can survive in any environment.


2. Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree hotels have a massive focus on catering to the needs of their customers. Each hotel has a wide variety and number of spa and resort services to make their stay pleasant.

Providing additional resources and pleasantries is a powerful move in winning over customers.


3. Aman Resorts

Aman resorts are well known for their space, privacy, and their design around beautiful natural splendor. They welcome each guest with closeness into their own slice of paradise.

Finding a way to use the resources around you is a key trait of business survival. If you have a natural splendor of sorts to capitalize on, you would be mad not to do so.


4. Six Senses Hotels

The Six Senses hotels build with sustainability in mind. These resorts often have a natural simplicity in mind and build with the land around them instead of pushing the land away.

Being aggressive and greedy can lead toward you getting burned. Being wasteful of resources can also leave you with a lost cause of a business.

Conservation, both literal and figurative, is a popular modern method that helps to inspire loyalty in your customers that you will act with the future in mind.


5. St. Regis Hotels

St. Regis hotels have been operating for over a century with the utmost adherence to impeccable service. There are no half measures when you stay at St. Regis hotels.

When something needs doing, you should do it right the first time. The best way to avoid customer complaints and money-draining issues is to put effort into avoiding the mistakes in the first place.


Finding the Perfect Asian Hotel

Understanding a business practice is one thing, experiencing it is another.

On your next business trip to Asia, you want to make sure you can see these potent brands up close and personal. For that, you need a high-quality booking service and there are none better than WorldRoamer.


Better Trips, Better Business

A good business trip is a series of strong opportunities to experience new thoughts and ideas. The exchange of information does not have to only be on the business trip’s strict purpose. They can start right at your Asian hotel.

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