The Joe Economy

So The Joe Economy… What do you think the purpose of this blog will be? The name Joe, celebrated as a common name known to many yet with powerful connotations with powerful men from the boxing world, Joe Louis one of the greatest heavyweights to ever embrace the ring. Joe Frazier who toppled Ali, Joe Calzaghe undefeated in 46 fights. Joes do succeed. My name is Joe (Joseph).

Today someone talks about economy or an economy, the implication of such discourse will probably be associated with negativity and failure because of the state of the global economic crisis. An economy, it can be argued, is unique to different countries. No two economies are the same. In the same line no two Joe’s are the same.

A view from my lens

So where this blog is going, is looking at the world politically from a micro view from an Irish county specific, to Ireland specific, to European and beyond views, through a lens of a young unemployed Masters graduate.
So one may ask, why listen to a young unemployed graduate? Well, why not? I was taught at  university by the world renowned Alan Ahearne so for me that’s a pretty solid footing to start with. The blog will come up with ideas for global problems through a lens of an ordinary man. Consumer advice will also be offered.

The start of something new

Maybe this will be the start of something, maybe just a way to pass the time  but whatever becomes of this blog if it at least helps some one or installs a vision or idea for one to make the world a better place so be it. Gotta be starting something.

Joe’s rule!