iPoll, which was formerly known as Surveyhead, is a legitimate market research company which pays members cash for completing online surveys.

For those who are thinking about trying to make money at home on their computers, companies like iPoll are one option to consider.  However, it is wise to be cautious, and to research the reputation of any on-line marketing company and the rewards they offer. Some offer rewards in the form of merchandise, while others offer rewards in the form of sweepstake entries, which realistically are non-rewards except for the lucky few.

iPoll survey review

Should you sign up to iPoll?

This is a 100% honest review of iPoll.com and we will show you whether or not you should sign up to this website.

Signing up to iPoll

iPoll is free to join and relatively easy to sign up. Upon signing up, members will be directed to an area on the website where they can complete personal profiles. Although this will take a fair amount of time, it is a good idea to complete this information because the profiles are intended to improve a member’s chances of qualifying for relevant surveys.  Also, the website pays members a small incentive for each personal profile that they complete.


What if English is not my first language?

The website is also available in various language in addition to English, including Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


Receiving Survey Invitations

After joining, members receive survey invitations directly in their e-mail in-box.  There is a link in the e-mail invitation which takes the member directly to their dashboard on the iPoll website.  It offers a clear advantage over many other survey sites by being extremely easy to navigate.  The amount earned to date is indicated clearly at the bottom of the page.  There is also clear information about how much each survey will pay, and approximately how long it will take to complete.


Getting Paid By iPoll

Those who qualify and complete a survey will receive between 50 cents and $5, and surveys usually take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete.  The amount is credited to the member’s account.  Earnings are clearly tracked on the website, and all completed surveys are listed under a “Rewards” tab as “Account History.”  Members have the choice of requesting a cash payment through PayPal, making a charitable donation, or choosing from a wide range of merchandise and gift cards. There are various gift certificates and charitable donations available once a member has accrued $US 25.


The Minimum Threshold To Get Paid

The minimum threshold for a cash payment is $50. However, payment is via PayPal, a fast payment method which offers a definite advantage over other websites which send out physical checks in the mail, a process which can sometimes take from six to eight weeks.


Using the iPoll app

iPoll has also recently added a mobile app, so it is now possible for members to make a profitable use of spare moments anywhere and anytime by completing surveys using a cell phone.


Our Conclusion of iPoll.com

iPoll send out a fairly regular stream of survey invitations, and although it is not possible to get rich by working for this company, the money does seem to add up fairly quickly, and this company offers members one of the better existing opportunities to earn a little supplementary spare time income from market surveys.