Smartphone Economy

In the past week something out of nothing turned out to be useful research. As unemployment continues, I found myself looking for some extra cash. The local advert paper suggests turning your ‘Thrash into cash’. So having some old spare mobile phones gathering dust I decided to place an old Nokia I bought back in 2010 and an unwanted Vodafone Smart 2 into this local paper. Both had pictures and both reasonably priced.

The outcome
The surprising outcome was more interest in the Nokia non-smartphone compared to the smartphone.
The non-smartphone is now sold and the smartphone is still in my possession. This got me thinking about the value of mobile phones. Added with a recent browse of non-smartphones on the market today, manufacturers really do not put in the same effort as they did. Some people are not tech savvy. Some did not grow up surrounded by technology.

How to sell your old mobile phone

Advice to Nokia

Perhaps this is a tip for Nokia who are struggling in the smartphone market. Stick to your capabilities lads because before the smartphone era you did have by far the competitive advantage when it comes to cell phones.

How you can make money

So if you got an old phone that is in good working order, that is gathering dust under the bed, Sell it!

However if you are of considerable means and also have a tonne of old bricks (old mobile phones, those that have aerials) in the attic, just remember that those old phones could be worth something to charities.

How To Sell Your Old Mobile phone

Those who are interested in non-smartphone mobile phones will most likely not use the internet in order to find the phone they want. As a result, the best way on how to sell your old mobile phone is to advertise in the good old fashioned classifieds section in your local newspaper.