Are you looking to buy sliding wardrobe doors in 2020? One of the benefits of having a sliding wardrobe is the fact that you can easily change the doors to give your wardrobe a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost of buying a new  wardrobe unit.

Best sliding wardrobe doors

There are also many benefits to having a sliding wardrobe including the fact that they are great for space saving and make the most of storage in homes that are limited in storage space.

If you are looking to change your wardrobe doors to freshen up the look in your wardrobe, then we have some great examples for you to look at below.

Best Sliding Wardrobe Doors 2020

Here are some of the best sliding wardrobe doors for you to consider.

1) Shaker Wardrobe Doors

Shaker wardrobe doors are probably the best doors that you can find online in terms of quality and and aesthetics. The Shakers are certainly a timeless design with a superb finish.

You can get a 5 frame option with glass and wood effects.


  • Product reference: Shaker
  • Type: Single sided
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Track system Material: Steel
  • Frame Internal width: 4mm or 8mm
  • Stile: Shaker
  • Door widths: 610mm, 762mm & 914mm
  • Door height: (including track set) 2260mm
  • Stile width: 75mm
  • Stile depth: 28mm
  • H section Height: 75mm
  • Top rail Height: 54mm
  • Bottom rail Height: 54mm
  • Double Bottom Track Height: 6.5mm
  • Double Bottom Track Width: 57mm
  • Double Top Track Height: 64mm
  • Wheels: Visible Bottom Rail mounted Single 30 to 50Kg Precision Bearing wheel with Quarter Turn Manual Anti Jump Safety Feature
  • Guides: Visble Top Rail Mounted two wheel Guides with semi precison bearings

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2) Mirage Wardrobe Doors

The Mirage standard doors are a sleek and visually appealing wardrobe door, however they do not have the essence of the shaker doors as mentioned above.

You can get a combination of wood and mirror effects including:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Black
  • Cappuccino
  • Cream
  • Soft White
  • Mirror
  • Maroon
  • Grey mirror
  • Bronze Mirror
  • Dark Blue


  • Standard size sliding wardrobe doors
  • Come complete with colour matched track.
  • Available to fit an opening height of 2260mm
  • Door widths include 610mm, 762mm and 914mm



3) Domalti Standard Doors

The Domalti doors are one of the best affordable options for anyone on a budget who are looking to upgrade their wardrobe doors.

There is a good choice of colour available including:


  • black
  • maroon
  • cappuccino
  • cream
  • soft white
  • mirror
  • grey mirror
  • dark blue
  • pure white

If you are on a tight budget, this is certainly a good choice for you.

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4) Pax Sliding Doors

Ikea’s popular sliding doors are some of the the best options for homes that are limited in space. With Ikea there are lots of parts that you can get to make your interiors more functional and tailored to your requirements.

As with most Ikea products the sliding wardrobes are afforable and very well built.


You can see all the doors available at Ikea here:


5) Spacepro wardrobe doors

Spacepro can be bought from Screwfix. We all have heard of the Screwfix brand and now they do wardrobe doors. Yes they pretty much do anything!

The Spacepro is a great space saving option. May be combined with an interior storage system kit. Can go from wall-to-wall or can go from a wall to an end panel.

Learn more about this wardrobe here:


There you have it, the best sliding wardrobe doors for 2020. If you are looking to get new wardrobe doors in the coming year, then these options would be a great choice for you.