There are thousands of fashion bloggers online throughout the world. Each have their own unique styles and produce content to inform and influence their readers of the latest fashion trends. For many fashion bloggers, this has become a business with some becoming celebrities themselves.

Monetize a fashion blog

How exactly do fashion bloggers make money? If you are thinking of becoming a fashion blogger or you want to make your hobby a business, here are the 5 Best Ways to Make Money Fashion Blogging.

5 Best Ways To Monetize A Fashion Blog


5) Fashion Writer/Content Creator

For many successful bloggers, they become journalists, writers and content creators in fashion magazines, newspapers, online retailers and for brands themselves. In some cases, bloggers get approached to write for media companies while in other cases, being a fashion blogger can give an advantage for those applying for writing jobs.


4) Brand Promoter

Brand promotion is becoming ever so popular with many fashion bloggers who are popular on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, getting snapped up to promote only the fashion from certain brands. Some of the most followed bloggers are earning up to $5,000 – $15,000 per Instagram post.


3) Become a Fashion Consultant

For many, first impressions are critical, especially if you are a VIP and regularly in the spotlight. Fashion consultants help their clients to maintain an attractive, positive appearance and to achieve the looks and styles required.

Fashion consultancy jobs can also be in the form of personal shopping and wardrobe consultations to name a few.


2) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a very popular way for bloggers to make money. What affiliate marketing involves is simply, signing up with a program or an individual retailer or brand, writing about their product and providing a link where readers can buy the product online.

Once a sale is made, the blogger will receive a commission for each sale that is made when a reader clicks on the link. Bloggers can also choose to simply use a banner ad, place it on their website and similarly, when someone clicks through and purchases an item, the blogger will be rewarded with a commission.

If you want to get started on one of the best affiliate programs go to and sign up for free. You will find many leading retailers from around the world where you can start promoting your favorite brands and start earning money.


1) Sell your own products

The best way to make money as a fashion blogger is to sell your own products. If you design your own clothes or accessories you can sell your own branded clothes on your blog. If your blog is built on an open source platform such as WordPress you can get an eCommerce function installed so that you can start selling online to your audience.

Alternatively if you can source a wholesaler who can provide you with ranges of clothes/accessories at competitive prices you can simply resell them at a higher price and you can keep all profits made.


In conclusion

The ways to make money as a fashion blogger as listed above is by no means an exhaustive list. They are however, the most common ways in which the leading bloggers have made their hobby a business.

If you have made money as a fashion blogger through techniques different from those mentioned above, we would love to hear of them. Simply leave a comment below.