Soulja Boy is a rapper, record producer, an entrepreneur and actor. Soulja Boy is a well known figure in the American music industry.

Soulja Boy net worth

In this post we look at Soulja Boy’s net worth 2019.

Born Deandre Cortez Way in Chicago, he moved to Atlanta at the age of six where he developed an interest in rap music.

By the age of 14, Soulja had stepped in the recording studios of Mississippi.

This young singer is popularly known for his song – Crank That.

The internet played an important role in the life of Soulja as he initially uploaded his songs and raps on a music platform and once he received positive responses from that, he stretched his wings in the American music industry.

Personal Life

Soulja Boy comes from a normal family which moved to Atlanta when he was young, his father saw his emerging ambition to be a music producer and singer and took his son to a recording studio.

At that studio, Soulja Boy learned the basics and technicalities of the music industry. He became quite popular really quickly as people came to know him from YouTube and other internet channels.

Some people say that Soulja is a one time wonder, after his first ever music single sold around 3 million digital copies around the world. However, he had other hits too but none of them have reached the level of Crank That.

This rapper has a younger brother who unfortunately died in a car crash.

Soulja Boy Career

Soulja’s career started when he was a teenager, he is fond of rap started posted his singles on internet channels such as YouTube and was quite popular on those platforms.

When he released his first song in 2007, he was on the list of US Billboard Hot 100 and this achievements of his led him to the Interscope records who signed him. After the release of his first song, he came with two other albums which were not so popular and pushed him to try some mix tapes,

Soulja has been nominated for several awards and honors in which he has grabbed awards like BET awards for Best Hip-Hip Dance, Ozone awards and Teen Choice awards.


It seems like controversies love this young musician and singer as he has been named in many of them. Most popular among which is a verbal fight with Ice-T. Ice-T is a senior musician and song producer and compared his song as trash and garbage, in return to Soulja Boy posted his songs on the internet.

Another one of his popular controversies was his fight with Charles Hamilton in which Soulja used some provoking words in contrast to a game which Charles likes to play.

In return to that, Charles released a song with lyrics as I am your last year with talent. Another one was Bow-wow whom he was involved in a row with.

Soulja Boy Net worth 2019 is estimated to be $23 million. This rapper has shown the world that anything is possible if one is determined to do and work hard. At the very age of 28 years, this guy has gained enormous popularity and success.