Jamie Davis is the owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Ltd and is a professional truck driver. In this post we will discuss Jamie Davis net worth, income and salary 2018.

Jamie Davis net worth

Jamie Davis Truck & Auto Ltd also known as Jamie Davis Towing is a leading towing, recovery and transport company operating in British Colombia. They operate from Hope to Whistler covering all of Canada and the US.

The company was founded by Jamie Davis. He is featured on the Canadian TV show “Highway Thru Hell”. The show focuses on the difficulties of operating such a business in Canada. There have been 7 series of the show.

Jamie Davis was born in America and has grown his business into an international operation.

What Was Jamie Davis’ Salary and Earnings in 2018?

Jamie Davis Trucking  brings in most of Jamie Davis’ income. The TV show is a secondary income stream. Some report that his earnings for 2018 will surpass $800,000.


Jamie Davis Net Worth

It has not been disclosed what Jamie Davis’ net worth actually is but taking into account his earnings, salary, property, trucks that he owns and the scale of the business we could estimate that it is between $3 million to $7 million.

The net worth of Davis could increase dramatically if he starts selling merchandise, starts a TV spin off or writes a book. If he considers selling his business, he could increase his wealth by 2 fold in theory.


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