Mary Kay Ash is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. How did she achieve this success? Find out in this detailed blog post.

1: She Was A Free-Enterprise Advocate

Mary Kay Ash was born in 1912 in a small town in Missouri. She grew up during the Great Depression and experienced first-hand the hardships families faced. That experience inspired her to become an advocate for free enterprise.

After graduating from college, Ash worked as a secretary for a company that made animal feed additives. She soon realized that she could make more money working on her own than working for someone else, so she started her own business selling cosmetics.

Ash’s business quickly became successful, and she was able to give back to the community by donating money to charities and building schools in her home country of Guatemala. She also served on many boards and committees, promoting free enterprise and helping others achieve their goals.

Mary Kay Ash is an inspiring example of how free enterprise can help people achieve their dreams. Her efforts helped make her one of the richest women in the world, and she continues to promote free enterprise throughout the world today.

2: She Demonstrated Passion For Her Business

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Inc., was born in 1921 in Oswego, Kansas. She demonstrated passion for her business from an early age. Her father, a traveling salesman, introduced her to the world of sales when she was just eight years old. By the time she was 20 years old, Mary Kay had already founded her own company, which sold cosmetics and personal care products door-to-door. During her early years in business, Mary Kay faced many challenges – including strong competition and a difficult economy – but she never gave up on her dream of creating a successful company. In fact, through hard work and determination, Mary Kay eventually became one of the richest women in America.

In addition to her success as a entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash is also known for her philanthropy. Over the course of her lifetime, she has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House Charities and The Salvation Army. She has also helped create initiatives such as The Women’s Business Ownership Council (WBOC) and The Entrepreneurship Center at Wichita State University (WSU).

3: She Had The Right People Around Her

Mary Kay Ash was an entrepreneur with a knack for understanding what women wanted and needed. She had the right people around her to help her succeed, including her husband, Robert, and her mentor, Frank Borman. Together, they helped Mary Kay develop a successful business empire that made her one of the richest women in the world.

4: She Kept Costs Low And Profits High

In order to keep costs low and profits high, Mary Kay Ash relied on the principle of free enterprise. This meant that she allowed her business to operate without government intervention or regulation. This allowed her to stay competitive and continue to grow her company.

5: She Always Experimented With New Products And Ideas

When Mary Kay Ash first started her business, she always experimented with new products and ideas. She knew that if she could constantly keep her business on the forefront of innovation, she would be able to stay ahead of the competition and grow her company at an impressive rate. Her dedication to continual innovation helped make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.

6: She Experienced Failure Before Succeeding

Mary Kay Ash made her first foray into entrepreneurship when she started her own business making and selling homemade soaps in the early 1970s. Despite experiencing some initial failure, Mary Kay was able to learn from her mistakes and eventually achieve success as one of the world’s leading female entrepreneurs. Her story provides valuable lessons for anyone looking to start or grow a business.

7: She Worked Hard To Be Successful

When Mary Kay Ash was born in 1902, she faced many challenges. Her father was an alcoholic, and her family was poverty-stricken. Despite these challenges, Ash worked hard to achieve success.

In 1938, at the age of 36, Ash started her own business – a company that made cosmetics and beauty products. The company quickly became successful, and by the late 1940s it was one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States.

Despite her success, Ash didn’t rest on her laurels. She continued to work hard and expand her company into new markets. By the late 1960s, Mary Kay Ash’s company had become one of the largest privately owned businesses in America.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Mary Kay Ash became one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.

8: She Had The Willpower To Keep Going When Things Got Tough

Mary Kay Ash was born in 1912 in St. Louis, Missouri. When she was just 14 years old, her father died, leaving her mother to run the family business. Despite the challenges of running a business on her own, Mary Kay Ash remained determined and entrepreneurial throughout her career.

Throughout her life, Mary Kay Ash demonstrated the willpower and determination to keep going when things got tough. She started her own business at a young age and then led it through several successful expansions. In 1974, she founded Mary Kay Cosmetics, which became one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. Her success as an entrepreneur is testament to her strong will and determination


Mary Kay Ash was a free-enterprise advocate who demonstrated passion for her business, had the right people around her, kept costs low and profits high, always experimented with new products and ideas, experienced failure before succeeding, worked hard to be successful, had willpower to keep going when things got tough.