It’s true that working from home full time has its many perks.

Working from home can be a blessing because it allows us to earn income while staying in the comfort of our home. We can wear whatever we’d like and, most of the time, choose our own hours. 

While working at home has many benefits, it also has some negatives. The kind of isolation that working from home provides can take a toll on your mental health. It can also physically harm you if you do it too often.

Continue reading to learn how working from home full time can harm you.

Working From Home Full Time Can Be Bad For You

Working from Home Full Time Gives You Lack of Social Interaction

Most remote jobs don’t provide any interaction with people because they often involve doing tasks on the computer. Some jobs require you to communicate with coworkers, but these are only on certain occasions.

People like freelance writers and data entry clerks usually never have to communicate with anyone. This lack of communication can make you feel depressed at home. Depression and isolation are not a good combo.

Sitting in a Desk All Day Is Unhealthy for Your Body

Along with making you feel isolated, sitting at a desk for long durations every day will slowly deteriorate your body. Many people sit with an incorrect posture that can give you back and neck pains.

Depending on how much your work requires typing, your wrists can suffer from pain, too. Arthritis and tendonitis are common problems that typists have because of the constant use of their wrists.

What Can I Do?

If you ever think, “my job makes me feel suicidal,” you should try looking into some alternatives. Many people with isolation anxiety have a fear of being alone but also have problems working at an in-house job.

Consider researching some part-time jobs for people with anxiety so you aren’t working full time and get physical interaction. Lessening the time spent on your computer will allow you to communicate with people in the real world more often.

If you’d like to continue working from home full time, start taking breaks during the day. Make sure to get up and stretch every so often. Give a call to a friend or family member during the day to have some social interaction.

You can also start going out for lunch during the day and leaving on the weekends. When you work from home, it’s important to soak up the outdoors as often as you can. Every bit of interaction will help you grow out of depression.

Using virtual offices, such as Hoxton Mix, allow you to take your work with you wherever you go. If it’s necessary to get some work done, you can still do it from a social place, such as a coffee shop.

Stay Social and Get Out of the House

Working from home full time is a great experience but can bring you down if you don’t take the necessary steps to keep cool. Connecting with friends and family while you work and leaving your house will make you feel happier and active.

If working from home simply doesn’t cut it, look into some real-world jobs to get you the social interaction that you need.