Having a hard time keeping your office clean and organized? Do you plan to hire professionals to take out the trash or clean the office for you?

Office cleaning tips


Before you do, make sure you know which cleaning tasks you want. This can help when looking for a professional cleaning service. You can scratch out the ones that can’t cater to your needs.

To accomplish this, check out this office cleaning checklist below.


1. Floor Maintenance

Keeping the floor clean and organized is the first task to put on your office cleaning checklist. It’s a daunting task because it’s the most taxing to finish. If you have a big commercial office, you’ll have a lot of grounds to keep clean.

You’ll have to vacuum the carpets, mop tiled floors, and sweep the floor to remove dust and debris. Every few weeks, you may need to deep clean the carpets and mop the floor with strong disinfectants.


2. Trash Bins

Empty the trash bins every day.

You don’t want to keep trash from the day to remain and carry over to the next. Doing so lets the bacteria and germs fester and grow, increasing the likelihood of employees contracting diseases.

If possible, don’t handle this by yourself. Click here to contact professionals who can get the job done safely. Experts have the proper hazmat gear and equipment to transport and dispose of all office trash.


3. Dusting and Disinfectants

Make it a point to dust off phones, office desks, tables, and other flat surfaces in the office. You’ll also need to wipe down blinds, the top area of file cabinets, and office appliances. You’ll also need to regularly dust off keyboards and clean them of food crumbs.

After dusting, add disinfecting to your office cleaning schedule. Use chemical disinfectants to kill bacteria. It’s important to do this on objects that people often touch, like door handles.

Don’t stop with the immediate workplace. Cleaning the production floor, private office, and lounge is only the beginning. You also need to address the restroom.


4. Restroom Sanitization

Did you know the average toilet bowl may have 3.2 million bacteria per square inch?

However, the toilet isn’t always the dirtiest spot in the restroom. Areas like the tissue dispenser, the handle for the faucet, the door handles, and the sink are also common spots where germs gather and grow.


5. Window Cleaning

It’s important to clean the windows too.

Keep in mind that germs and bacteria can stick to the windows too. Pollutants like outside smoke and dust can also stick to the window surface. Wipe windows down with disinfectant to kill these contaminants.

Cleaning the windows also allow sunlight in.

For many businesses, allowing sunlight into the office space is a cost-effective means of energy control. Sunlight brightens up the office for free and it can help keep the indoor space warm too. If you want the opposite results, it’s as simple as shutting the blinds.


Follow This Office Cleaning Checklist!

Keeping your workplace clean and organized shouldn’t be a daunting task. Follow this office cleaning checklist to make sure you get all the essentials done. Use this list and you won’t forget to schedule office chores.

Managing your office doesn’t end here, however. Fortunately, we’ve got more guides to help you out. Take a moment to read our other articles now and get all the tips you need!