Ways to Make Money Online

I have recently been looking into making money online since money is short and there are very few opportunities in Ireland for work at the present moment. There are numerous ways in which to make money online, such as affiliate marketing programs, stock photography, writing e-books and doing surveys etc. What I have tried are the affiliate marketing and online surveys.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I registered on www.wealthyaffiliate.com which is an online business community for affiliate marketing. Since online marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry there are opportunities for everyone. However I do have my doubts about earning a living of it solely. The site is similar to a number of others in the same category of affiliate marketing but reviews suggest it is the most educational. I saw for myself that it is very educational to the point that it is information overload. You can sign up at the site for free. It will provide you with ten introductory lessons and it will give you a free website. What you get is a bare minimum opportunity to get you up and running however to learn how to actually start your business you will have to pay a monthly fee. I have only really gone through the lessons but I have not yet set up my website and I have not and probably wont pay the monthly fee until I shop around for other options.

RedC Live Review

I signed up to the Irish survey site www.redclive.ie or the RedC. If you watch the Irish news on TV at the weekends a good chance you will have heard of the RedC opinion polls. The RedC is a marketing and research firm based in Dublin 3 who offer money for doing surveys. The way it works you sign up and you get a questionnaire based on details and habits such as drinking, what newspapers you read etc. After that you will receive emails of surveys suited to you each week. However it is essential that you either keep you laptop on for email updates or have them synced to your smartphone because the surveys get filled up quickly. I signed up over two weeks ago from the date of writing this article and have yet to complete a survey since I was too late on seeing them in my inbox. You can expect to get around 3-4 surveys a week which will amount to a total of 4-7 Euro a week. This site will not make you rich but however it is a bonus.

When you see adverts offering you ‘to get rich fast’, good chance it will not be true or you could be scammed. Let’s face it, if money was easy to make online we would all be doing it. How ever if you have spare time and just want something extra, then yes you can make money online but it will not make you rich.