Let’s face it, earning a following on social media can essentially be hit or miss. You either struggle to gain followers, or you end up building a digital empire.

In our eyes, those who have a large following on social media seem to have earned their community so effortlessly. In reality, many of those folks worked many hours and tried several different strategies to get to where they are now. But maybe you’ve tried many strategies too with no luck.

We know how frustrating it can be putting so much effort into your social media to gain little traction in return. Not all hope is lost, though. Allow us to help you increase your following on TikTok.

Post Regularly

One of the easiest, yet hardest, things to do is to remember to post regularly. And don’t only post regularly, but make sure to post quality content.

If you ever find yourself lacking creativity and not knowing what to post next or even feeling burnt out, it’s okay to take a hiatus. A short break can give you time to unwind and brainstorm your next TikTok video.

To avoid a lapse in your posting schedule while taking a break, film several TikToks in one day and post them over the course of, say, a week. This way, you can still have regular posts without having to film every day or few. Creating a posting calendar or setting reminders on your phone can help you stay on top of this.

Interact with People Within Your Target Audience

TikTok community management starts with making sure you’re (positivity) interacting with others and responding to those who are interacting with you. This includes posting and replying to comments, DMs, and so on. Make your followers feel appreciated, and show appreciation for those you’re following.

Remember: what goes around comes around. Refrain from spreading negativity, hate, and judgment. The last thing you’d want is to be known on TikTok for your cruel words.

Share Your TikToks on Other Social Media Websites

Don’t rely merely on the TikTok platform itself to gain traction. You can also lure in new potential followers by using other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can repost your videos in a post or story, post a screenshot of your TikTok profile, or create a post directly asking people to search your TikTok handle and give you a follow.

Participate in TikTok Trends

One of the best ways to “stay relevant” on TikTok and gain a following is to engage in different TikTok trends. Use popular hashtags in your posts, use trending songs or sound effects in your videos, or even engage in trending dances or challenges.

When engaging in TikTok challenges, make sure to use your best judgment to put out quality content. Not all TikTok challenges are tasteful (some are even deemed annoying or offensive), and some of them can also be unsafe for your wellbeing.


Building a community on TikTok can be a lot of work, no doubt about it. Although, it’s not impossible. Following the latter tips and tricks, you can be on your way to earning a healthy following on the video-based platform in no time.