If you are already blogging to generate leads, another free method you should implement is Medium. Over 60 million people use this network monthly. If you devise a strategy and optimize your account to attract at least a fraction of these users, you should be able to generate several leads. 

So, today I am going to show you how Medium can be used to attract more leads…

People come here for free content:

People don’t visit Medium to buy stuff. When people are on this platform, they are only there to do one thing which is to read as much free information as they can. Therefore, if you write quality content and then offer more content for free in exchange for a sign up you will attract a lot of new leads. 

To get the best results you should embed the sign up form for the lead magnet within the post itself as people will be more likely to convert on Medium itself. When they are forced to go to another strange website their trust level will drop, and this can affect conversion rates. 

An example is this post where a sign up form was embedded right at the end.

Leads from Medium

The author also ensured that the lead magnet was very relevant. The post is on the topic of content distribution systems and the lead magnet is a content distribution checklist. 

Helps in converting reluctant leads to followers:

No matter how well you optimize a site, only a small percentage of visitors will convert to subscribers. This is around 2%. This will probably happen on Medium too. But on Medium you can offer users an alternative. This is to follow you. On your articles and on your profiles, a follow button will be displayed. People can click on this and follow your account if they feel they aren’t ready to subscribe yet. 

When they subscribe, they will be able to see your posts in their feed. This way you can nurture them with more content and eventually get them to subscribe when they trust you. 

But if you want to get more subscribers make sure you optimise your profile for this specific purpose. By this I mean that you need to remove links to your website and social profiles. So, when people visit your profile, they won’t get distracted and will only click on the follow button. 

An example is Tal Melenboim:

Tal Meleboim

As you can see, he hasn’t added his website or social media accounts here. He has added a very inviting picture and description that make you want to follow him. 

This way he can amass some followers, nurture them and get them to subscribe via the lead magnets he shares in his articles. 

You can syndicate content:

After you publish the post on your blog you usually get the initial influx of traffic in the first few days. After that you need build links and wait for it to rank in search engines to gain some traffic. This can take months.

But in the meantime, you can use medium for driving traffic to your blog by syndicating your content. All you need to do is copy and paste the content you published on your blog and include a link back to your site. The link will not just drive traffic back to your site, but it will also inform Google that the post was initial published on your blog (so your post will rank higher). 

If your site is well optimised for conversion some of this traffic will convert to leads. 

To see content syndication in action checkout Leadpages Medium account. They regularly publish content from their blog on their Medium account and include the link back to the original post right at the top

Medium conversion rates

This should help them drive a lot of traffic. 


These are the 3 ways in which Medium can help you attract more leads. It’s not an overnight strategy as it can take a while to build a presence on the network. But after you gain some followers and your stories get more claps, you will begin generate more leads quickly. 

So, give it a try today.