Creating a visuals out of your ideas can be challenging even for the professionals. Mapping out your business ideas or strategies can be done with mind mapping platforms. These platforms are great for any person or business, but choosing which platform is best can be tricky.

Before you invest in a mind mapping platform read this article where we will highlight some of their best features allowing you to decide which one best fits your requirements.

5 Best Mind Mapping Software

Here are 5 of the best mind mapping software solutions for your business.

5) FreeMind

Easy content linking

FreeMind supports HTML links stored in nodes, this includes online websites and local files. This way, you can easily get to the source of data without having to add all the information on your mind map.


Smart Drag and Drop

No one wants to spend the majority of their time editing the mind map to make it aesthetically appealing. With FreeMind it allows you to drag and drop files, texts or nodes making it easier to keep your design consistent and aesthetically appealing.


One click navigation

Creating a mind map shouldn’t be complicated, therefore they have introduced a one click navigation system. This allows users to move whole sections of the map without disturbing comments.


4) Padlet

File support

Mind maps work best when you can include content from a range of sources. Padlet supports the use of a wide range of files demo photos, documents and a wide range of the most popular websites.

Privacy option

These mind maps could contain information that is highly sensitive or ideas that could be worth lots of money. With pallet you can control who will be able to see your work. Public settings, password protected etc. Great for incorporating your employees on a company wide basis.

Activity Monitoring

As it is designed for collaboration, you can use the software to manage team members and monitor activity in real time. Making it easier to track who contributed what and what edits users made.



3) MindMeister

Project management

It has integrated tools that allow you to assign tasks to collaborators, set priorities and due dates.


History mode

This lets you play back the entire evolution of your work. This allows you to see who contributed to what and when. Making it easier to undo certain actions that you feel do not contribute to the task.


Presentation Building

Getting your point across in a relies on the clarity of your presentation. With MindMeister translating your data into presentations is easy, it has build in presentation mode that allows you to transfer your work into a slideshow within a few seconds.



2) Canva

Easy download feature

Mind mapping solutions are created to help simplify the way you plan ad optimise the way you relay information. This platform allows you to download your presentation or infographic into any file type and post it on social media platforms or email it to your colleagues without having to leave the system.


Photo Editing

Canva offers great photo editing tools that allow you to crop pictures, add texts to images and adding textures. This enables users to turn ideas into eye-catching collages.


Customisable Graphs

They have thousands of templates for organisation charts. They allow you to toggle the colours, font styles, font sizes, and images of each template in order to make your data stand out more.



1) GoConqur

Easy Content Distribution

This makes your content easily accessible to team members. You can chose who can access it by setting passwords and admin privileges etc.


Simple reporting tools

GoConqr has simple and easy-to-use reporting tools to help you check on the performance of your team members on a singular dashboard. GoConqr also offers tools to help you create flashcards, flowcharts, slides, quizzes, courses, and notes. Meaning, this platform can come up with a wide variety of visual aids for different uses.


Now you know some of the best features of each platform, now all you have to do is decide which platform best fits your requirements.