If you are working in the enginering sector and want to stay up to date with all the latest news in the engineering world, there a a number of useful blogs that you can read to stay informed.

In this post we will have a look at the top 5 engineering blogs to follow in 2019.

Best Engineering Blogs

5) Engineering.com 

As publishers, they produce over 2000 informing and inspiring engineering stories every year, ranging from cool trends to sponsored content. We have key partnerships in academia and some of the most powerful technology companies in the World.

Proving you with some of the most high quality content they should be on your list of blogs to keep up with in 2019. 

4) ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers)

ICE have over 92,000 members world wide, they award professional accreditations that are the industry standard for civil engineering.

The Institution of Civil Engineers have a blog on their website that contains the latest stories that are developing in the civil engineering world.

You will find articles relating to world wide events and the news trends upcoming in the engineering sector. This is a site that has great potential and you should keep a look out for in 2019 if you are a civil engineer. 

3) The Manufacturer 

One of the leading engineering and manufacturing blog and magazine websites in the UK, The Manufacturer covers a wide range of sectors and keep their readers up to date on latest news in the sector.

The Manufacturer covers all the main manufacturing sectors with monthly updates on leadership articles, regulatory updates and best practices. 
If you are an engineer, this is one site that you should certainly bookmark to read regularly.

2) Expert Manufacturer 

Expert Manufacturer, providing blogs from manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors.

There are lots of informative articles on this site from automation, engineering trends, events, productivity and marketing for the engineering sectors.

What makes thr expertmanufacturer blog one of the best is that is written by both engineers and those working with engineering companies on a marketing level. For this reason you will find that the language is much easier to comprehend than other engineering blogs.

1) The Engineer 

The Engineer is the pinnacle of engineering blogs. It offers an excellent level of content and offers a selection of up to date articles on a daily basis.

After achieving great success in 2018 with their content The Engineer focuses on 10 sectors; Aerospace, Automotive, Civil and Structural, Defensive and Security, Electronics and Communications, Energy and Environment, Advanced Manufacturing, Medical and Healthcare, Policy and Business, and Rail and Marine.

If you are an engineering professional, The Engineer is certainly a must read when you get spare time each day.

These 5 websites showcase the best blogs that can help expand your knowledge in the engineering sector. Whether you are highly involved in the sector or just have a natural passion for engineering, these are the engineering blogs that you need to be reading in 2019.