On the construction site, project managers and crews depend on supplies being available on time. Delays or shortages prevent the projects from proceeding as scheduled, and clients become dissatisfied with the quality of service provided. Coordinating with suppliers and workers is essential for getting concrete where it is needed. The following are five ways to streamline the delivery of construction materials.

1. Track Pickups and Concrete Deliveries

By using a ready mix concrete mobile app, contractors track the pickups and deliveries of their concrete and receive immediate updates. A steady flow of materials is required to carry out a construction project. Because of too many delays, the construction deadline is pushed back, and customers are unhappy. A project manager uses the app to see when their supply is on the transport truck and when to expect it to arrive. 

2. Real-Time Supplier Truck Tracking 

A project manager coordinates the efforts of their construction workers and suppliers to plan the entire project. They continuously assess the project requirements and track the supply trucks in real time. With instant updates, managers can keep workers on task and minimize client risks. A project manager and workers receive notifications when the next shipment will arrive and where the order arrives so that they can prepare for the delivery. Achieving this goal in all projects is not an easy task, and it is imperative that all parties coordinate properly.  

3. Current Product Volumes for the Project

By using the same supplier, customers have access to an account where they view their order details. Through the concrete app, the company owner signs into their account and sees how much concrete the company has ordered for each project. Tracking product volumes can help project managers determine when to place new orders and deliver goods. They detail concrete requirements for each phase of the construction in the project plans. Managers can improve worker productivity and workflow by monitoring their supply.  

4. Mobile Alerts for Shipments 

Once the company places an order, the app sends an alert about the order to the customer. After their payment deducts from the preferred payment method, there is a new update for the order. The supplier sends a new notification when the order has shipped. The notification includes a tracking number specifically for the concrete orders.

5. Order Adjustment Features 

There is a small window in which concrete suppliers provide customers with the opportunity to update their supply orders. The mobile application simplifies the process, and the supplier receives the information in a timely manner. These features streamline concrete deliveries, ensuring that they provide construction workers with the concrete they require. The app updates the order record in the IT system, which ensures accuracy throughout the construction project.  

Using mobile apps helps construction businesses coordinate orders and deliveries for concrete supplies. The applications provide real-time information about the supplies, including when the delivery trucks pick up the concrete and when the supplies will arrive. It is the responsibility of the project managers to track the deliveries in real time and coordinate with the suppliers.

This will ensure that the crew has everything they require for the project. They provided the construction company with a user account that allows them to view all concrete orders and how much concrete they have ordered for each project. As soon as the concrete ships from the supplier, companies receive an alert, and they have access to order adjustment functions. Read more about how the mobile apps work and how you can improve the projects.