More than 70 percent of small businesses don’t make it because they’re too optimistic about their achievable sales. That’s why you need to do your research before starting a laundromat business.

Are you thinking about starting a laundromat business? Here are some great reasons and some steps to help you get started.

1. High Demand

In the right location, a laundromat will do quite well. People will always need to wash their clothes, and they might not have the equipment they need in their homes. Your machines will always be busy if you make your operations convenient and set the right price point.

2. Create A Business Plan

When starting a laundromat business, it’s best to have a defined plan. Decide if you will open a new laundromat or find an existing one to buy. Sometimes a turn-key operation is a good option because they’re established and have a regular customer base.

Create a budget and look into your financing options. If you go to a bank with a well-defined laundromat business plan, they will be more likely to lend you the money you need. A plan helps you see and anticipate any problems before they happen, and it allows you to take steps to fix them.

3. Calculate Equipment Costs

You will want to get the best quality machine you can afford, but the price is not the only thing to consider. Research the machines to determine if they are reliable. Ask about repair services and if the parts are available in your location. 

To get an idea of the cost of equipment, contact Evaluate the difference between leasing equipment and purchasing it outright. Your equipment provider will be able to answer most of your questions.

4. Find The Right Location

When looking at how to start a laundromat business, consider the income level of the neighborhoods you’re looking at. If you open a laundromat in a busy downtown where tenants have in-suite laundry facilities, you won’t do well.

One idea is to look for a laundromat business for sale. The owners might be retiring, and you could take over their operations. If you find a niche in a lower-income area where most people don’t have machines in their homes, your business has a better chance of success.

5. Laundry Businesses Are Simple To Run

A laundromat is relatively easy to maintain when you’re comparing different businesses. Most machines are card operated or use a combination of card and cash. That reduces cash handling.

Usually, you will need one person on-site when your business is open. They take care of minor cleanups and assist customers with the machines.

Start Your Laundromat Business Today

Your decision to open a laundromat business will come down to weighing the pros and cons of this type of business. There will be startup costs, but the ongoing cash flow will pay them once you are up and running.

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