Choosing a PDF reader software isn’t a difficult decision, but like everything you want to ensure you have the best fit for your requirements.

Best PDF readers

Here is a brief guide into the PDF readers and help inform you which is best for your requirements.

1. SumatraPDF

This free and best PDF reader is a great choice being very light and its 64-bit installer being about 5MB. If you are looking for a PDF installer that has all the basics then this is the choice for you.

However it does not have the extensions that others have such as annotations and document signing.


2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If it is a more powerful reader you’re after then this could be the choice for you. It is not uncommon to come across a PDF reader that needs an advanced reader such as this. This includes extensions such as being able to fill out forms and is the most common PDF reader on this list.

Although it is a heavier programme it is worth the extra storage room if you are looking to do more than ‘read’ PDF files.


3. Your web browser

If your demands are just reading PDF files and you do not need to interact with it or need any of the extensions of an advanced PDF reader. Your browser such a chrome come with integrated PDF readers.

It will provide you with a clutter free reading experience, they all let you interact with the document to a certain degree. Changing the size of the text, download and printing.


4. Nitro reader

This is a moderate PDF reader that strikes a good balance between readability and editability. It does not come overloaded with features, it has a tidy lay out commonly with Microsoft applications.

Overall Nitro Reader is a good PDF reader and free to use.


5. Foxit reader

This is a excellent free PDF reader for older windows PCs. It is up there with the Adobe Acrobat reader, however it is significantly lighter. It’s text viewer removes toolbars and complex formatting allowing a read-only version of the file.

The collaboration of the read only and edit features improves user experience.


6. Slim PDF

This is another lightweight PDF reader, with only 1.43MB it is regarded as the world’s smallest PDF reader software. This is a good free software that is focused on optimising reading and printing. As expected there is very minimal edit tools and doesn’t support many keyboard shortcut tools.


7. Expert PDF Reader

This new PDF reader allows you do the basics while viewing PDF files. With new and improved basic features such as adding notes, highlighting and creating text boxes ect. It also includes the signature feature.


8. Javelin PDF Reader

This reader comes with all the basic PDF reader functions that you would need to complete daily tasks. You can choose from common reading modes such as full screen, side-by-side etc. Compared to other readers it is relatively light.


9. PDF-XChange Editor

Anoher free PDF reader that has been completely revamped and simplified. This software contains all the basics such as printing,annotating, saving images and text.

Prior to the recent update these features were paid extras.


10. Evince

This is a highly user customisable programme, allowing users to customize the toolbars. It is a very clean clutter free interface.

Which one works best for you? I’m sure you will have experience with at least one on this list.